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***SLIGHTLY EXPLICIT CONTENT*** An ode to my King? Read More
EL UNIVERSAL (PERIODICO) — Jesus Tadeo Yee Jimenez Tellez nacido un 17 de mayo en la ciudad de culiacán sinaloa ahora pretendiendo ser político mexicano a motivacion, impulso como apoyo de su padrino el ex funcionario Diego Fernandez de Cevallos Ramos, como de diversos funcionarios importantes en mexico con… Read More
What happens when your past rears it's ugly head again and history starts to repeat it self? Will you break free from it and allow your self to love, or are your demon's stronger than your will to survive them? Brandon Boyd : Singer/ Song writer of the band Incubus,… Read More
In the tv show 'Lost' Kate played by Evangeline Lilly and Jack played by Matthew Fox make love in there home back in the US, set in Season 4 of the show. Read More

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