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They meet for the first time to see if their chemistry is as electric in person as it is online. Alec decides it isn't. Sweet, demure, timid Melissa decides that chemistry has nothing to do with it and takes matters into her own hands. Read More

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April 19, 2013

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July is so excited to begin her vacation, until one the workers, Leo, sets his sights on July. He will not take no for an answer, his crazy obsession driving him to extreme measures just to have her. Read More
Ara Williams is your average student attending Ackerson College of the Arts, majoring in psychology and about to receive her undergrad. She developed a strong friendship early on with her teacher, Xander Colts, but it seems he wants her as more...There is no escaping the hands of an obsessed man,… Read More
After she goes into her quarters and starts getting ready for bed,a sharp pain in her head forces Beverly Crusher to drop to the floor and wake up in bondage aboard a Romulan cruiser. Read More

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