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Alex takes his English Teacher's torment to new extremes in the classroom and the school toilet. Read More
Stories of men being spanked and humiliated by women who enjoy punishing, shaming and humiliating men Read More
A young English teacher makes a mistake by failing a student who will not stand for it. The boy turns the teacher into a sex toy. Read More
Author dale10 gets a lovely letter from a parent about the control of his child, and the steps he has taken to dominate the boy. Read More
Teddy's second therapy session with his own father, and his new job at a gay strip club. Read More
After Steven's father left for another woman he has gone of the rails staying out late and getting into trouble and his mother knows he needs a father figure and she meets Kevin and they Mary and Steven finds out he is never too old for a spanking when his… Read More
Jenny's progress is commendable, but is she reaching her limits of humiliation and pain tolerance? Read More
Andrew Planner is interested in spanking as a form of discipline rather than pleasure and decides to look for strict disciplinarians to move in with who will spank him as a form of discipline when they believe he deserves it and a father who still spanks his own children responds Read More
Poor innocent eighteen year old Jake has fallen onto hard times. He is forced to enter the dark world of sex for money. Can he handle it? Read More
Teddy is now in control of the man who is determined top ruin him mentally, emotionally and sexually. He begins his reign of terror by forcing the boy to encounter his own father sexually. Read More
Poor 18 yr old Michael's torment increases as he is branded a faggot and used by the boys at his school under the direction of a sadistic doctor. Read More
18 year old high school senior Michael has been tagged as a faggot. Dr. Brass makes an example of him in fron tof the entire senior varsity team. Read More
Teddy is forced to attend a high school costume dance in a most humiliating costume. Ted's father becomes involved. Read More

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The The Humiliation Board House

Kevin is a young baseball star, but his wedding night turns out to be a sexual nightmare with him being used as badly as the bride. Read More
The author's control of Martin becomes more extreme, as the 18 yr old's school life is ruined. Read More
Poor young Teddy faces a big test to prove if he is a man or not, but the test is rigged so he cannot perform. Even worse, it is witnessed by some boys from his school. Read More
Small endowed Teddy's situation gets worse when he gets a visit at school from his tormentors. Read More
Still naked following his recent spanking in front of his sister and her friends for the bogus charge of flipping up Laura's skirt, David along with his closest friends come up with a way to turn the tables on Samantha and soon she will experience the same humiliation and David… Read More
Twenty-five year old David Chambers's older sister gets him into trouble earning him a humiliating spanking in front of his sister and her friends Read More
Poor Carlos wakes from the all night orgy after his first night at the strip club, only to face more humiliation and degradation at the hands of his fellow workers. Read More
In 1956 a shy young apprentice in Manchester who loves lifting weights finds that his landlady and her niece enforce a very strange rule; humiliation at the hands of females becomes a new way of life. Read More

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

September 04, 2019

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

A shy male college freshman is exposed unmercifully in front of delighted upperclassmen, and then some. Read More
A court order forces a woman to succumb to the prurient whims of a psychiatrist. Read More
A female student is punished by her female teacher with a very humiliating bare-bottomed spanking in front of her captivated classmates. Read More

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