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A young closeted boy swaps a way out to a brighter future for a night of deviant lust. Read More
25 year old Troy Aikman found himself in the mist of a custody fight over his first born child. He met her mom during a college football game, it was meant to be a one night stand but it turned out different. Read More
“Okay welcome to Sports News 70, I am here with the very talented and sexy Kem Parker from the Denver Broncos. Kem’s face suddenly came on the prompter screen. Kem I have a couple of questions to ask you, but first of all tell me a little about your social… Read More

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Mary didn't know what to expect when she went to tutor Jamie Harnett on her night off. But it definitely wasn't what she received. Read More
Hope springs eternal for romance seeking Sarah as she meets her ideal guy online and embarks on a wild,lusty and passionate relationship. Dowdy old maid Sarah works for a haulage company in downtown Sheffield operating from a bland Portakabin. One day her life changes forever as she begins an online… Read More

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June 27, 2015

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He has always loved her. He loved her when he had nothing and now he loves her when he has everything. But has it been enough? As their relationship hinges on the its final seconds, she is forced to face reality. Will she stay or will she run? Read More
Jennifer takes her horny best friend back to an empty football field and he ends up being even bigger and better than she ever imagined. Read More
Based on the most popular girl in school and her love life with the quaterback . Read More

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Among all the How To guides in the world, Quan thinks there ought to be one on how not to fall in love with your best friend, and what to do if you fail catastrophically and let him fuck you over the bleachers instead. Read More
Two high school football players' path to self-discovery involving beer, rain, and some degree of exhibitionism. Read More
Betty has fantasized about a gangbang. Her husband has all his buddy over for the football game on tv. So read and find out what happeneds when Betty come in the room. Read More


June 04, 2012

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Tara17 was just the bad girl, she did wrong things, went with guys that her parents didnt approve to, wore eye catching closes, got into trouble, sneaking out, drinking, partying, smoking, and skipping school to do mpre wrong things, she was rich and hung with only rich people. David 18… Read More
A story about a high school football star, who is the son of a Fundamentalist, and the beautiful girl next door, who is the daughter of a gay man. Read More
A guy arrives at a frined's house to watch some football on the flat screen TV,only to discover something that changes those plans for the guy. Read More

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Jake Masterson is the sweetest and kindest quarterback one will ever come across. He finally understands why his coach has been so hard on him all these years. Read More
Keri(17)Ryan(18) keri is a nerd ryans a jock keris captin of the math team ryans captin of the football team need i say more....YES so keris in love with ryan but no one knows but her bff katy(17)and katys bf so happens to be ryans bff drew(18)now they went on… Read More

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