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A student describes what happened when he saw his teacher naked on her desk. Read More
A woman come home and sees a shocking scene in her roommate's bedroom. Read More
The author of this story tells us about the type of dream he had the night before. Read More
A young man describes what happened after he saw his best friend's mother sitting naked in a car. Read More
A man tells us how he discovered that his girlfriend is a vampire. Read More
A woman finds out more about the man she loves while they vacation in Hawaii. Read More
This poem is about a couple who share an intense romantic moment on the beach. Read More
Two girls walk into a room in a sorority house in time for one of them to expose her secret to the other. Read More
A man describes what happens during his weekly doctor's visit. Read More
The following takes place over a span of eight hours. It is approximately 1000 words long. Read More
One woman invites another to her place for an unusual job interview. Read More
A man describes his first encounter with an extraterrestrial being in his own bedroom. Read More
A trio of old college friends catch up on old times... in more ways than one. Read More
A man makes a discovery after he steps into an old house. Read More
A man goes to a sports bar to cheer for his favorite football team and spots a beautiful woman smiling at him. Read More
A man describes what happened when he spotted a beautiful woman wearing a pink thong bikini. Read More
A man living with his wife in a new house encounters the spirit of the late Cassandra Lynn while taking a shower. Read More
A man watching an episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit falls asleep and wakes up in a room with Olivia. Read More
An eyewitness account of what happened after a man let out a scream of pain. Read More

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A female hunter discovers something new about her prey after relaxing in a hot spring. Read More
The same UFO that had abducted a man before returns while he's on a camping trip. Read More
While attending a business convention, a young man sees a woman in a pink dress who wants him to follow her. Read More
At his first dorm party, a new college student spots a girl going upstairs with some guy and decides to follow them. Read More
A man wakes up and sees the woman that he had sex with sitting on the floor with a scared look on her face. Read More
After he comes home from work, a man goes into the bedroom and sees his wife in quite an unusual situation. Read More
A man describes what happened when he got stuck in an elevator with a couple. Read More
A woman on a drive stops to pickup another woman she sees naked on the road. Read More

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