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Elizabeth... I mean Liz is trying to survive her annoying older brother, crazy best friends, popular snobs, school ,& worst of all boys oh yeah and Damien Vogel her worst enemy since grade school but this is senior year things may change! Read More
It was the summer of my 16th, I was in vacation in Canada with my great god father's family. It was there that I met his grandson Sean, and thus began one of the most exotic and erotic summers of my life. Read More
A real life encounter of B and her long time mate J, never did she think this would happen until he asked... Can I Kiss You? From then on, one thing led to another and... Well you know how it goes :) Read More
Melissa has always played by the rules Did what she was told Played it safe She never had a boyfriend because she never felt that she needed one. She had her 2 close friends Sarah and Melinda who by her side and bugged her about her social life and how… Read More
Ok normaly there would be a story about a girl that has loves her guy bestfriend and he has a girlfriend and doesnt look at his girl bestfriend like a girlfriend. But no this the total opposite. Malik has deep feelings for his girl bestfriend samantha Samantha has a boyfriend… Read More
My name is Lillian but my friends all call me Lilly im 17. I stand 5'6. Everyone would tell me i have a great beauty and most girl wanted to be in my shoes. But my entire life i never let a guy touch mynaked body parts but my hands… Read More
Megan 17, has a lustful secret and it has to do with her bestfriend Jacob 19, she plans to lose her virginity to him but meg not knowing Jacob was planing on taking it anyways. READ AND FIND OUT MORE Read More
Cassie and Andrew are two nerdy looking bestfriends, Andrew is the brother of the most popularguy in school that every girl wants. Cassie on the other hand is cushions with one of the popular girls of the school. Both cassie and andrew are just shadows of their popular relatives. Cassie… Read More
This+story+is+about+two+teens+that+have+been+dating+secertly+and+because+one+is+a+star+from+the+group+Mindless+behavior+Jacob+a.k.a+princeton+and+the+girl+is+a+model+sacoya+they+have+been+dating+for+3+years+now+and+havent+tried+anything.+But+one+night+thats+all+gonna+change.+Stay+toned+for+more!! Read More

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