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Mary has tried in vain to keep her sexual exploits to herself. Mary has at last decided to join her soul sisters on the mean streets. We will stay in the year 2025. Read More
We will stay in the year 2025. Mary's friend Liza laughingly suggested Mary now buy a slow cooker. The hilarious episode with the new smart kettle now had the hot chicks in sexual mode. Read More
Mika has worked the wooden horses in the carousel to the max. Our hot lady is about to become a ferris wheel whore. Up Up And Away. Read More
Yummy had been Phil's unfaithful wife now for just over ten years. But not for much longer. Yummy had decided to "pen" Phil a "dear phil" letter. Read More
Jennifer and Johnny were walking on the mountain and got lost. Just in time they came across a rather large cabin. The sign on the door "etched" into the wooden frame said If it's just the two of you then HE can become a real "MOUNTIN' MAN". I got the… Read More

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"It's obvious that Cabin Sex is just too claustrophobic for most folks to digest on a diet of other great stories everywhere.sob!sob! lol!" Read More

It had been two eventful years since Richie had "fucked Megan" in the notorious sandhills of Silk. Harriett was Richie's new love interest and Megan had told Harriett what a male slut Richie had been that day when they had "made out" in the warm sands of Silk. Harriett was… Read More

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"One of your longer more elaborate pieces, Vanilla - clearly inspired by a higher power and drilling from the bottom. Warms the heart..." Read More

Featured Review by DampKitten

"Well, at least you're keeping your cock in the family" Read More

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Poem / Humor

October 13, 2020

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"Sorry. I'm no stud. I'm not douche-bag enough to be one. I know thee fee is higher for small dicks like mine, and I don't think that's fare, but..." Read More

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