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Sloan hung low, wrapped in dark linen as she felt the walls up by the back of her hands, moving stealthy into a channel of alleyways. She knew which direction to follow, by memory, moving down the closest turn off to her right until reaching an entrance to a pathway… Read More
Mildred, was a quirky and cute little thing, in college. She had a mouth full of braces, and big baby blue glasses. She was sad at the idea of graduating; afraid she might lose touch with some of her close friends and her foreign-exchange lover of almost a year and… Read More
Sitting at a side table in her hotel room, Patsy lit a cigarette, with a shaky hand and red-smeared lipstick, she smoked. Patsy, now clutching her bathrobe hanging loose, exposing one of her breasts, pulled the material back up to cover herself. The shower in the hotel-room bathroom turned off,… Read More

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Candice came home late from her evening shift this Friday, having partaken in a smoke break with Gerald, the retired war vet who supervised the bowling alley he owned. Gerald was mildly attractive, with big brown eyes, and dark slick hair. He stood around six foot tall, and was slender,… Read More
Two old lovers meet in a dark hotel bar half a lifetime later, and pick up as adults where they left off in their twenties. Then she liked her martinis dirty, with a special ingredient that only he provided. Have things changed? [This story won an erotic stories competition, for… Read More
body sushi, alcohol and the dark side,not for the morally unflexible or faint hearted. Read More
Just a telling of my first time with sandy, many more stories to tell let me know if you want to read more. Read More

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