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Here are Thrill Ride's fighters - with their vital statistics! Who beats who? Read Thrill Ride on Amazon (Kindle is 99c!) and find out! Read More
I smash my right fist as hard as I can into his face... Read More
Another adventure for Solange, the Jean-Claudes and the girls. Read More

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Run. Run. Run. That's all I can do now. Running away from a life that once held me captive, running away from men that once held me back, and running towards the rest of my life. Run. "'Once you are in, you become property. You are no longer a human… Read More

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Emma and Jacob makeup in the bedroom after a fight. Read More
A greedy King who is determined to rule over all, including the lands belonging to the Vampires. A Vampire Queen determined to protect her lands and her people. A Dhampir, who is just learning what she is and unsure of her capabilities. Her family killed by the King's soldiers, she… Read More

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August 24, 2015

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He was cute to her she was cute to him. She was looking for love he was looking for sex. What comes of two people with individual problems that just can't be together. Read More
(ON HOLD!) Eighteen years old Riley is finally free. She's now an adult and can run away from her past for good... at least, that's what she thinks. Moving away to Seattle, she's once again confronted to her demons. They're always here. Trapping her. But when she's saved by the… Read More
Starts as a fighter and ends as a lover. Read More

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Alis is 20 years old girl, who dont like nothing in her simple life. Living a double life during night and day, she will learn the hurtfull truth of her life and maybe learning to belive in love. THIS STORY IS KINDA BASED IN MY REAL . Read More

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FINISHED- A-list actress Scarlet Vanderbilt has been depressed and lonely ever since she can remember. Now that she started working on a new movie with Zane Trenton her life just got worse. everything he does pisses her off which he finds entertaining. Read More

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Daneal is small for his age, and his somewhat girlish features coupled with his oddly colored eyes make him the perfect target for his bigoted and quick tempered class mates. The first time Micheal lays eyes on Daneal, the young man is nearly beaten to death. After Micheal helps him,… Read More

Book / General Erotica

October 20, 2013

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Wayah has always feared who she really was.... But when something evil starts to hunt the people she loves she must face the truth of who she really is... Inolah has always known what she is.... She was born into a world where Faeries were not a myth, where werewolves… Read More
A white sail broke the horizon with a single red sail flying above all. This was the crimson, captained by Jack Shaw a man of few words and many friends, the port was Tortugas. Busy bustling and filled with sailors and ships. Every one knew he was a pirate, but… Read More
Following the lives of a group of wealthy, sex and love addicted wives who meet weekly at a spa/jewelry outlet called the Divine. Every chapter focuses on one of the five women who share their journey together through passion, sex, love, sadness, alcoholism, betrayal, hilarity, and friendship. Release Date: TBA… Read More
This story takes place inside the Olenfeld castle as young Aerien discovers what it means to love, but is also tied down by the duties of being a prince, and the burden of being gay. Read More
Vivian hates the fighting. Soc's and Greasers have gone at it for years just because one side grew up with money and no control and the other grew with no money and no control. If you look at it both sides are very much alike both are trying to find… Read More
Kaylee has come back to fight for the vampire she loves. Will she get her happily ever after or is she destined to live out her nightmares. Read More
"And so the world dropped like a ball on the pavement. Only there's no ground to hit. Only a hole that has no wall or no ground. What shall we call this place or will we be dead before we can name it." Read More

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Ally is a normal, beautiful teenager. Her life was not great but not bad.. But after one night, her life was shattered into a million pieces.. All because of one man. Read More
"There are only 4 people left. Me, my little sister, Valerie, my ex, Vlad, and my current boyfriend, Drew. Together, we are the survivors, the ones who will rise up and save this world from the zombies that have taken it over...Yeah, isnt being a teenager fun?" Rei and her… Read More
What happens when a Alpha wolf meets the Devil? Passion takes a walk on the wild side, and things get really hot. Evangaline is Alpha of the last pack of Werewolves on this Earth. Her main goal in life is to keep their existence a secret from society, but when… Read More
Alex fights for survival as a healer in a post-apocalyptic world. She fears all men because of her horrific past but she finds herself falling for the powerful soldier, Marcus. After finally finding happiness in his arms, Alex is ripped away from him by the cruel leader of a warring… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A woman with a wounded past who finds herself in an entire new world. She becomes a stronger woman, meets new strangers and old demons. The first of 2 or 3 books. (feedback appreciated) Read More
Sergeant Madeleine Hennessey is an expert sharpshooter, proud to have earned the title of Sniper in the Universal Marines. Her life has been a long and hard battle against those who would keep her enslaved for their own twisted desires. Having freed herself from the tortures of her past, her… Read More
Dylan can't stand much more of anything. Her mom doesnt keep a steady boyfriend, her father uses her to get what he wants, and a teacher out to get her. So what happens when a self obessed hockey player, known as the local man whore, forces his way into Dylan's… Read More
Josephine, and surgical nurse whose past is riddled with men who have lied and cheated wishes unknowingly on a very special star and is catapulted back in time to 14th Century Scotland. There her desires are put into over drive when she MEATS Kincaid MacGregor, a laird and warrior who… Read More

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