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Just a little fan fiction for Once Upon a Time's Peter Pan... Just wanted to share my Imagination with everyone. Hope you enjoy... Read More
Sonia is a cursed and troubled Princess, on a quest to save her Kingdom, when she meets Prince Kristian with his army of men. The Prince turned mercenary has become weary of battle after many years and he longs to settle down away from warfare to make a new life… Read More
Stream of consciousness writing about a descendent of Mary Magdalene dreaming what her earliest ancestress must have felt like being with Jesus while having her hand being hit with a ruler because she writes with the left one in modern times. Space time continuum of sensual pleasures shared with the… Read More
Marissa Doreen thought her life was bad enough with a step-mother, But on her eighteenth birthday she finds out, it was more than that. Who was she? or what was she? will it take a total stranger to tell her that her world wasn't what it seemed? Read More
Maybe i am an instrument of pain,maybe my soul is a flute that makes the sound that hurts the brain. Maybe my heart is a drum that beats too loud it drove people around me insane, maybe i am an instrument of pain.It seems like i can't win for failing,maybe… Read More

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IF I GET LESS THAN FIVE (5) COMMENTS I'M DELETING THIS. AGAIN. There is no porn/erotica until later chapters. You're gonna have to wait. Its a complicated novel, and I'm still working on it. I keep going back to the early chapters, especially this one. Think of this as erotica… Read More

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