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Book / Humiliation Sex

September 05, 2021

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Mrs. Mary Clark was an ordinary school teacher who thought she left her past exactly there, but it has finally caught up to her when one of her student's discovers an old magazine. Read More

Tags: bdsm, ff, gg, mm, bb

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

I didn't finish hidden lust, so this is the continuation... Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Am a seventeen year old girl and I have had a crush on my pastor's son since I was twelve,he is eighteen and he is the most handsome guy I have ever seen ,I never talked to him but am his friend on Facebook,now we Are going for schorlarship exam… Read More

Tags: erotica, male, female, fm, ff

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Her different cues and how she does what she does. Read More
Kate catches Selina in a bad moment, but in the end she is the one on the receiving end as Selina finds her gay side and if that's not enough Dave comes home looking for a quickie Read More
Puppet has taken her Master Troy for granted and Troy wants Puppet to understand that he is her Master and she needs to obey him without question. There will be a flashback to when Jaffery became Troys assistant. and Puppet's pet-sitter Jessie is back. Read More

Tags: master, bsdm, pet, mf, ff

Two girls have fun in the locker room. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

This is a one shot R Rated story. Over 18's only! Jane is a straight girl but whilst walking to work one morning this woman caught her eye. From that day Jane has felt a yearning to get closer to her. Then a strange cowboy enters her office which suddenly… Read More

Tags: love, hot, oral, mf, ff, ffm, mmf, showers

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

How dare he call her a prude?... Well she'd show him! Freya's indignance at being called a prude by her boyfriend spurs her into action to prove otherwise. Little does she know the rollercoaster ride and sexual adventure she is about to embark on! Read More
I can hardly believe that we only just met an hour ago, purely by chance and borne from a cheeky, throw away comment. Now here we are, together in my bed… Our lips part company for just a moment and she murmurs softly. “Oh my God… You turn me on… Read More

Tags: fantasy, bi, ff, st_time

Audrey returns to the empty home of her birth once she and her husband divorce. She meets Lucie, and what begins as friendship turns into something much, much more. Read More

Tags: romance, love, lesbian, ff

Two women, one older, one younger, meet on the train on their way to the seaside. They miss their return train and have to spend the night together, where each learns new things about herself, joyful things, that promise much pleasure to come. Read More

Tags: love, lesbian, ff

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

February 14, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A young woman, dissatisfied with her sexual experiences with men, meets a woman who introduces her to the sweetness and excitement of lesbian love. Read More

Tags: gay, lesbian, ff

Layla gets more than a damn good workout at the gym one evening.... It's not just the cross-trainer that gets her hot and ohhh so wet!... Read More
This is a rewrite of a previous submission, 'Lunch Can Be So Tasty', but written as an FF story. Read More
Best girl friends Aimee and Sasha embark on a legendary shopping trip. Their quest for the sexiest outfit turns into a wholly wanton tryst in the dressing room of a designer boutique! You know how the old saying goes, shop 'til you drop... to your knees! Read More
A story about a wife, sister-in law and a husband. Read More
I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I needed one hell of a fuck to get over him.... that's when my bff came calling. Read More

Tags: lesbian, ff

When Isabel learns Tony's beautiful Aunt Crissa isn't really his aunt, just his mother's best friend, she decides to engineer a threesome. Read More
New neighbors get introduced sexually Read More

Tags: mf, ff

A group of friends celebrate a new year in thought of Christmas mockery and end up having the time of their lives. Read More
Three gorgeous girls taking part in a Trans-American illegal road race drive at breakneck speed into a sizzling threesome in the Arizona desert! Read More

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