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A story from a young mans perspective of a blissful sexual encounter with his sister and her gorgeous soles. Read More
A story of how my roommate became my master . Warning : contains swearing and trigger words ! Read More

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There are many types of fetishes, but i think that the most common one is the foot fetish. Read More

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A student in detention with his teacher, nothing out of the ordinary right? Mix in a student with a strong love of feet and a sexy, seductive teacher playing upon his fetish and... Voila! Read More
Call me strange, but I find women's feet so alluring, so powerful and so sexy. Top that off with beautiful coloured nails... Ugh I'm in heaven! ;p Read More
Tom owns a shoe shop and falls in love with a customer he can never have. The object of his affection is the lovely Linda - A black woman with a fondness for red shoes. Read More

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Sexy feet with protruding freshly varnished nails really turn me on and make my pussy overflow with sexual delight.Touching,kissing,licking and nibbling tootsies covered in cream cheese tantalises my engorged tongue.Sexy strapped sandals dress them up to turn me on seducing only urges sucking sensations which make my nipples errect. Read More
Amy is an archaeologist in a Mid-Eastern country. She goes into this hotel, hoping to get a good night's sleep. But she is about to be woken up by a pleasant stranger who went into the dark room expecting his wife. She gets fucked hard, and loves it in this… Read More
The mysterious woman now has Batman's "sample" and will soon reveal her evil plan to bring the Caped Crusader down. Batman, having narrowly escaped the three gorgeous vixens, finds his belt at the bottom of Gotham Harbor but has little time left before the henchwoman's boss finishes her deed. Read More
A sexually thrilling plot unfolds as a mysterious henchwoman appears in Gotham, seeking the help of one of Batman's deadliest villainesses, Poison Ivy. Together, they want to humiliate the Dark Knight and bring him down, not before the woman gets what she wants. I do not own any rights to… Read More

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January 15, 2008

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Take Me (erotic) on January 15. © All rights reserved come on honey sweep me off my feet and whisk me quickly to the room lay me gently down upon your bed make my pounding mounds swoon take me baby in your arms tonight hold me close and caress my… Read More
It's coming on evening and two guys talk with some ignorance and some inventiveness about the sexual attributes of the opposite sex. Read More

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