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A Psychotic Humor Approach to solving the Lake Berryessa Zodiac Murders. Read More
Monsters live all around us. They might be disguised as that nice guy next door or the man that sells you insurance. Kissandra is a normal girl living a regular life when a monster disguised as a regular guy comes into her life. Will she ever be the same? Rated… Read More
(CANCELLED) Heather Summers is the best FBI agent in Dallas. Even though she has a decent job, she is very lonely. She lets her job take over her life, and her love life. When an advanced drug dealer takes over the city, the FBI has to work with Dallas PD.… Read More
Character Pictures of my new novel I will write along with Hungry for Love Read More
Running low on gas in the middle of a snow storm, Kassey Greene is forced to take a detour. Her only hope of survival is to trust a man she's never met, or so she thinks. After the most incredible night of her life, she wakes up to find herself… Read More

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