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This is the collection of my stories about Tilly and Elsie, two naughty twins whose escapades end up taking a far darker turn than they ever expected. It is just the reposted versions of the ones already on here, so you can find them all in one place. Enjoy! Read More
After their 'father' found the twins hiding place, he drags the two back to their home where they are the centre pieces to his dinner party for eleven work colleagues - each one desperate to have his way with the twins. Read More

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Little Naomi is kidnapped and taken to a strange place. Read and find out how she survives! Read More
A troubled young man comes to know the step mother in his life and learns a valuable lesson of a mothers love and that carries him on through life. Read More
Tilly and Elsie get hot and sweaty with their adoptive father Read More
Tilly and Elsie's birthday gets more interesting when they start to do a little show for their adoptive father Read More
Kali has an almost normal life, besides the one day out of every month her father returns home. He is a truck driver out for long periods of time. He is not the typical father. He abuses Kali emotionally and physically. The only person Kali has is her best friend… Read More
After years of abuse from her father, Jasmine finds herself alone in world. She trusts no one, until Troy comes along.. Can Troy be the one to save Jasmine from her Nightmares or will her past destroy them both. Read More
This wont make much sense if you have not read the preceding parts in the series, so I would urge you to read read those first. They are both short and quite sexy, so I think most will enjoy them, An ex girlfriend of Kate turns up at her door… Read More
This short story is a fantasy, and it was a reoccurring one, at that. It feels good to write it out. This is a full-time live-out babysitter,(18,)and the father of the child she is caring for.(35.)The babysitter is a virgin. Read More
taken from my book, "Taking Our Sweet Little Time" Read More
Piper Young is a twenty two year old artist trying to go to school and make a life in a small town in Montana. With girls going missing all the time and ending up dead after being beaten and raped the entire town is in fear, but Piper really never… Read More
A girl loves her daddy, and he really loves her, too. He loves her in the morning, in the kitchen with her mother in the next room, he loves her when she's down, and especially when he's up. Daddy loves his little girl. All night long. Read More

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(FINISHED) -Sequel of "Don't Cry Tonight"- Rose Scott is the daughter of Brent Scott, the most powerful man of the West Coast. Now twenty years old, she starts her first job as the assistant to Kane Sheppard, the second most powerful man of the West Coast. She feels unsuccessful due… Read More
This follows on from The date trilogy 1 & 2. It will mkae no sense if you have not read them first. It is supposed to be humourous and a bit sexy. There are some frank descriptions of sex in it, although I wouldnt say it was too explicit -… Read More
A man's feelings crashing to the surface and hurting people around him. Read More
here we are the final piece. its been a long road, I hope you enjoy this ending to Mr Rady's story! Read More
This is the Third Fourth of five episodic poems that I am working on. The last will be released next Monday 23Rd! This is a vision from my dark and twisted mind. If you want to read more on Rady's adventures make sure to read episode 1: Myra, Episode 2… Read More

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It has been twenty long years since the Rebellion seated Nix as King. And now a second Rebellion has burned into the land. Throwing Nix to the wind and the healed lands torn asunder by a new God. A wind god. Enlil has taken the land hostage. Ordering Nix to… Read More

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How far can one go for the one they love? Mollie Regan has gone as far as she can. She was just like any other teenage girl until she met the reclusive Adam at a party. Needless to say, she fell madly in love with him. Since then, she had… Read More

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"Wow....this was....wow. This story is unbelievable. This is some of the most greatest writing I've read on here. I love how you go into great de..." Read More

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August 04, 2011

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A teen boy has his first encounter with his father entering his room during the night and doing somthing he never expected. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

January 22, 2011

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Kate has to try and live a normal life after her mother died, but that seems almost imposible with her abusive and drunken father harming her terribly. Read More

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øn hold until further notice)- 17 and just starting life De'Angela has never been a troubled teen. She does well in school, respect her family and tries her best to acheive superior goals. Then,everything falls apart. She has to be married to an unknown man name Archangel. And as time… Read More

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