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He lifted the tshirt I was forced to keep wearing, exposing my body he leaned down brushing his lips on mine. Then with a small growl he kissed my lips. I reached up spoon still clutched in my fingers and wrapped them around his neck. I parted my lips and… Read More
I have been writing several shorts stories describing some of my life experiences, mostly of sexual nature. You may find that E- Fatty is missing some detail in description, but that is because most of my stories interconnect; at the end the story makes sense and it will make you… Read More
Sorry I forgot to publish the first one, it should be on now, but at least you now have a second part to read so once again I'm sorry. For those of you just joining now, read the first part of Emma's rape so you don't get confused. To the… Read More
A rebellious teenage son is sent to Montana for rehabilitation. Left on a dull remote ranch with his grand parents, a surprise arrives during a wild lightning storm. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Issy is too fat. Will she get caught out while stuffing herself with doughnuts? Read More

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just talking some trash about a worthless individual. if bad language offends you, dont read this. it is meant to be funny. The age range of people who enjoy writings like this are probably 17-30 Read More

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