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A man with a college education has a desire to farm the land and for him in the future to buy a few hard fields that he will work for the rest of his life. This is to earn his living and to live with his future wife he will… Read More
A young widow leaves America to return to New Zealand to reunite with her family on her parents large farm. The family knows she's become wealthy. A former hot boyfriend, now divorced, is still around and he appears to be holding back from re-igniting their old fire. She decides to… Read More
taken from my book, "As The Marker Snaps" Read More
Piper Young is a twenty two year old artist trying to go to school and make a life in a small town in Montana. With girls going missing all the time and ending up dead after being beaten and raped the entire town is in fear, but Piper really never… Read More
Tamara and Jack enjoy another day at the stud farm from her POV. Read More
A young man meets the one that got away on a country farm. Read More
A farm girl floats naked down the river. She gets scared thinking about what might lurk around the dark reed beds of the river but maybe there is a greater danger waiting outside of the water. Will the handsome farm manager save her in time or is he part of… Read More
ADULT: Sexy New Zealanders Nikki receives a huge divorce settlement and resolves never to marry again after her experiences with 'the brute'. But then she meets this cute American guy who befriends her after she innocently causes chaos at the bank where he works. Blair's a little 'wet' behind the… Read More

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