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A man has taken a nap on a local beach only to have the sudden arrival of a bikini clad beauty give him other ideas. Read More

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The Slow Boil House

Centuries have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdoms of man have risen into a civilization of law. But there are stirrings in the kingdom of Daanlin, and the paladins who rule must decide if it is wise to bring… Read More

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The Contemporary erotica House

Two lovers meet at an airport before traveling on to different destinations. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

The elements of love cultivate a rose. Read More
Another personal experience. I knew a Headmaster in real life who had a fantasy. We were lucky enough to make it happen, and it gave me great pleasure to do so for him. The story uses that with a little imagination for fun. I hope you enjoy. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Dos amantes en la playa hacen el amor a la luz de la luna. Mientras la mira, su corazón expresa el amor que siente por ella. Read More

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Ceanne finds herself before the Queen who sends her looking for a sought after unicorn in whom was eating her flowers. Her adventures unexpectedly makes her a legend throughout the universe and the land of Kyrie. Read More

Tags: fantasy, romance, love

a surprising meeting was the inspiration to this story. he was a defellowshipped witness with a cross to bear and she experienced a baptism of fire A wee short on the integration of faith. Jehovah’s Witness and born again. Darkness and light. Will Samuel draw shadows into Bethany’s brightly lit… Read More
Aurelia Seaborne, pirate captain, and former slave, tries to navigate al-Nithiel, the Jeweled Archipelago. When she hires a free company for extra muscle, she doesn’t expect to meet her match in Captain Yusef al-Udain. Unable to decide if she wants to toss him overboard or on to her bed, her… Read More

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A girl's other life,her secret this life real? Read More

Tags: fantasy, desire

BASED ON THE LATE 90’S and early 2000's T.V SERIES BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER! 16 year old Lilith Appleton is a descendant of Buffy Summers. She is actually Buffy’s only daughter she conceived with her long time love, Angel, which was a ancient vampire of 300 years. The legend goes… Read More
A man tells us what his sexual fantasy which includes another couple happens to be. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

While undercover at a posh party, Kailey runs into more than she can handle in one of the guests who has an agenda of his own. Read More
Andy flies often but he's never fucked a stewardess. This flight is boring, the woman next to him is talking rubbish, the only thing entertaining him is the sight of the pert little ass walking up and down the aisle of the plane. Hiding his erection with a blanket he… Read More

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The Room 501 House

A man comes home in time to see his roommate touching herself in her bedroom... and yet, not knowing that she really is not alone. Read More

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The Strange n' Love House

One tragedy can bring joy to another, most don't think that way but Queen Amasie does and while she has some good lessons her late husband didn't change her completely. Though his death was early on in their daughter's life, she got the lessons from him he wished. Perhaps if… Read More

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The Room 501 House

A woman issues a soft-voiced plea to a man she's getting it on with. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Aurianna spent her life fighting. It was her calling, her purpose, and her greatest glory. If only it were so easy to fight fate. In an infernally corrupted hellscape, paladins serve the Goddess Afodisia in her war against the demons. Aurianna is among Afodisia’s favored, but she has regrets stemming… Read More

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The Gay Erotica House

[M/M, Slash] When an incubus and his harem are infiltrated by the escaped sacrifice of an infamous cult, should they keep him to join the harem's ranks? Or should they throw him back to the cultists and risk bringing about the end of the world as they know it? Warnings:… Read More
Ron and Molly play a, sometimes, dangerous game of doing it anywhere, anytime, all the time. Read More

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The Room 501 House

This whole thing is one man's way of describing how he fantasizes that one moment with his perfect woman to be. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Whisper explores our own morality and it's purpose in this realm Read More
A Hojo, Sephiroth, and Rufus X Reader. Non-con involved. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Hojo does experiments on the new recruit in every category, including biological. Sephiroth saves you from his abuse., Read More
"Fluff" is used to describe the happy romantic nonsense between Ashaa and Kaliska. "Things", however, describes... well, not-so-fluffy moments. ***This series has been retired and will be tough to find anywhere else. Exclusive to Bookiesilk.*** Read More

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