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The sound of a certain song makes a man open his eyes and see that he's not in his own bedroom... and alone. Read More
This one line piece is about the type of dream that a woman has had on the night before. Read More
A chronic loser is gifted second sight with which he can see what secret kink will give a person shattering orgasms. The story continues in Lust 2 Also by the author: Nita Read More
I discover more about my past lives, as well as our relationship. Read More

Tags: fantasy, adult

A young girl, Murasaki, harbored sleeping theurgical abilities that needed to be awakened before the wrong people seek those powers for their own dark agenda. Traversing through obstacles and challenges of both body and mind, one way or another she will come to find her strengths and talents, one way… Read More
Eragon a human, Arya an elf, have erotic sex, Arya gets pregnant, they live their immortal lives together as a family. Read More
For the sheltered daughter of a Nord nobleman, traveling across the harsh, frozen lands of Skyrim is no easy task. Which is why I hired Oonla; a brutish Orc ruffian, who's main concerns don't venture very far beyond her own selfish desires for coin and violence. Even so, there is… Read More

Book / Adult Romance

November 23, 2019

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in my mind Read More
This nonet poem is about what one person would happen to see in a virtual reality simulation. Read More
Ben submits an ad in hopes of finding the perfect woman to fulfill his ultimate fantasy. A candidate replies in hopes of taking up his challenge. They had their interview in the first story "Naughty Ladies Only". Here in this second installment, we continue the story by recounting their auspicious… Read More
A young witch meets her familiar and the action heats up. Read More

Tags: erotica, fantasy

This loop poem is about how it feels to have sexual intercourse with a certain demon while everything around you burns. Read More
A man is using this monorhyme poem to show us a scene of what happens in a certain dream that he had. Read More
In this short story, a man finds a purse on a bus he's been riding and goes to return it to it's rightful owner who happens to have an unusual thank you in mind. Read More
Ben submits an ad in hopes of finding the perfect woman to fulfill his ultimate fantasy. A candidate replies in hopes of taking up his challenge. A/N: This short story is a response to Benawriter’s article “Position Available, Naughty Ladies Only.” Thanks for the scenario! ;) Read More

Tags: fantasy, lust, kink, femdom

murasaki, akuma ka tenshi is about a young girl discovering her abilities before the wrong people do the fate of the world could depend on it.. this will be a chapter based story. it is in progress so i hope it goes well, has been a very long time since… Read More
A man comes home with hopes of taking a shower and relaxing only to have his woman suggest a better idea. Read More
This monorhyme poem is about what a time traveler is supposed to remember instead of doing something else. Read More
In this one line piece, a group of female demons invade the dreams of a sleeping man. Read More
Druidz,a famous womanizer, was hired by his friends,to trick and sleep with Lucy and leak her nude videos on the internet because she bounced every guy who proposed to her. Will he succeed?... Read More
This haiku poem is about a man testing the certain abilities of a group of female clones. Read More
In this one line piece, we get a look inside what happens to be a dream of someone having a threesome. Read More
One woman discovers what her man and another woman are doing in the living room in this short story. Read More
In this free verse poem, a man opens his eyes and suddenly finds himself in a strange place... and not alone. Read More

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