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Nadia, a bereaved young lonely heart, enters a fantasy world in search of love. But will her dream come true? Angels, a heart-warming story of love, reunion, and rejuvenation, beautifully brought to life by lovely Nikki Delgado LIVE on my audiovisual website: Read More

Featured Review by Loretta Martin

"Ahh...Swooning! I have had those dreams of flying, you decribe it perfectly. Intertwined and entwined, Heavenly! " Read More

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Follow Issabella Doe, Demon Huntress on her erotic adventures in Sexorcism. Read More
For a long time Viola wanted nothing more than to be an adventurer. After saving up for many years, she is finally ready to step toward her dream. Within the ruins near her hometown lies an item that holds the ability to ensure her success, as well as a dark… Read More

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Unable to agree with how to rule, gods and goddesses left earth to create new worlds. The god Helkithor left and gave up his power to create other gods and goddess whom he would call his children. Among them was Fyre, who became the goddess of creation by convincing her… Read More
‘Is it Love you’re after…or just a good time? Tell me, Baby!’ Just a quickie - as they say in la-la land! Read More
Always the quiet ones: Bumping into an old work colleague at a conference some 200 miles from anyone you know, can make dirty thoughts come true. Comments and suggestions welcomed. Be kind though as this is my first post. Read More
Contest Entry (Beach Sex) When your past comes back to haunt you... Read More
Two panther shifters run through the forest before they collide. Read More
The five preteens alleged they had exchanged sexual favors for Cannabis laced products, marijuana, cigarettes, and beer. If true, Joe was guilty of a laundry misdemeanor and criminal activity. Read More

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Even the gods of old may have something to learn from the realm of flesh. Nathan, a being of ancient power, is no different. His teacher Patrice Zita is an unwilling twenty-something human female, who is more than she seems. The journey they are to embark serves as one that… Read More

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"Dark humor like food. Some people don't get it. Good story. " Read More

she meets her celebrity dream guy, accidental injury, pain and pleasure Read More

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"I love your enticing, erotic use of words. The uglier and filthier, the better. Events like these are what wet dreams are made of. We need more ..." Read More

This is version 3 and things will get a little intense. You will discover the truth about the main character of this version but don’t be so quick to draw conclusions. This story has the ability to change your mind within just a few key sentences. Read More

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Anica Styles attends the annual office retreat, and this year knows that all her fantasies come to life. Read More

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what would happen if you began to live openly and let go of your secret? for better or worse, max was about to find out. -If you've read all the way through or enjoyed my story, please feel free to leave a comment.- Read More
Book ONE PART FIVE -THE WHITE MOUNTIAN Are you ready for this? In this part of Tales Saga answers will be given....but what will be the price? Love Proclaimed. Death overcome. War on the horizon. Dreams revealed to be reality. More and more the most dangerous and wanted man in… Read More
To protect your kingdom, your people, the vows of a knight. Choosing who you protect can strip you of everything. Read More

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