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October 25, 2020

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After spending the evening with her and her words his lust needed a place for release. She inspired him with her words and the visions she planted in his mind. He would take her with him to the shower. Read More
This is for all the naughty boys and girls .The flirty mind,the naughty talk and secret desires whirling inside us.Flirting Meg would be a dream come true. Read More
If only the nosy neighbor knew what was going on in the hot tub next door! A romantic, erotic story that is guaranteed to keep your fingers busy. Read More
A chance meeting in an upscale restaurant leads to hot sex in a brand new limousine! Women's erotica with an arousing story line that will satisfy your sensual reading needs. Read More
The water is cool and the action is hot! A romantic, erotic story for women that promises to fulfill your desires. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

A smoking hot short story of how I fucked my boss's first it felt wrong but her seductiveness took over all of my consciousness... If you like this story check out my other work: Read More
Before you read this story, please note that everyone in this story, is willing and nothing is forced! Soldiers have been away at sea for nearly twelve months with no physical contact with the outside world at all. A little Island set miles away from everywhere is where they go… Read More
There’s a new student at Sparrow High School who has made quite an impression considering that Adam discovers he’s a werewolf. Is he a valuable ally or a dangerous threat? Read More
When extremely cute amnesiac Kirika shows up at Damon’s back door Morgan attempts to restore her memories, but instead casts a spell that links Mia and Damon’s lives. The team tracks a demon that lurks Sparrow Falls. Mia and Damon discover what Kirika is. Read More
High school student Mia De’Sola fantasizes about her neighbor Damon Noir. When an amulet given to her by her mother releases a vampire named Drew she learns that Damon is a vampire as well. Can they stop Drew from retrieving the amulet before sunset? Read More
Aracely Nativa is a young woman with a purpose in life. Maintaining a steady GPA at Vanderbilt University as a lit major Aracely's life suddenly changes when a sinister secret, and dark fantasy come to life. Read More
Welcome to your own imaginable desire of a CJ penetration. Read More
Part 1 of Forbidden Fantasies by Amber Libra. In this story, a bored college student finds an unlikely object of desire...her serious-minded professor. Read More
pleasure principles out the window, fire hot erotica, love making at its best on web Read More
Teiliegh Delgato awakens on a warm summer's morning, to find that her family has gone on ahead to the family's lake cabin without her, to let her sleep in. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to 'test-drive' her new, state-of-the-art, mail order vibrator, which has been hidden deep in… Read More
An R-rated experiment of sorts. I'm curious to opinions on this, because I've never attempted this before. But hey, it worked for Tesseth! Read More

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