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As a favor to her actress sister Abby, New England farmer Jane Falbury allows a group of actors to use her barn as a theater for their play. In return, the cast and crew have to help her with the farm chores. During rehearsals, Jane finds herself falling for the… Read More
Kiba and Naruto are secret lovers after their last story. They have a little tiff to begin with but can't bear to be apart and it isn't long before they fall into each other's arms again. Having woken Kiba up, Naruto prepares his lover for the longest night of his… Read More

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Elliot Grey's POV throughout the whole Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Read More
read part 1 it doesn't say part one but read my first script I've desided to contiue I'll lable them from now on Read More

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click and see Olivia and Elliot interesting walk home Olivia' POV case is talked about (not one aired) but kinda gross it has a build up but I think it worth it Read More
Sitting in her studio with a drink and her guitars, playing for hours was her favorite thing to do, and she really missed it. She couldn't wait for this night to be over. This show was close enough to home that she had her own car tonight and she could… Read More
Jejung,who was confined for about 9 months in Yuno's house was shocked when Yuno brought a baby girl home. All these times,Yuno always said to Jejung that he would want to have a child with that beautiful man and now that God have bestowed them with a cute baby girl,… Read More
This is the story of Hirra, Gohan's older sister, and tells of her relationship with Future Trunks when he comes to help fight the androids. Expect some OC X Future Trunks. Plus ... a surprise ... Read More
Renesmee Cullen is more then everyone thought. Not just is she a half vampire, but she is also a witch! When Renesmee was two years old the Cullens decided to move to north England. When Renesmee was two and a half years old she was angry at her uncle Emmet… Read More
"Renesmee knew, that this was the end. Everything, she had worked for. Jacob. Her own Jacob, would dissapear tonight." This is pasted from my FanFic blog. If you want to read the original, go to (I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT) Read More

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