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This nonet poem takes us inside the mind of Richard Castle and shows us one of his fantasies with Kate Beckett in it. Read More
This limerick poem is about what Dazzle fantasizes on doing to Pizzazz... as soon as he gets the chance. Read More
One of the many moments of sex that Booth and Brennan share with each other is being told in this double etheree poem. Read More
This terza rima poem features both Chandler and Monica having one of their moments of sex together before getting married to each other. Read More
The author of this terza rima poem tells us why he happens to have a crush on a certain blonde Baywatch babe. Read More
The author of this haiku poem tells us how would like to wish Mila Kunis a happy birthday. Read More
This poem is my way of describing Cynthia Chatterley of the 1977 movie entitled 'Young Lady Chatterley'. Read More
The author of this haiku poem tells us what he would love to do to a woman he sees at the Comic-Con. Read More
The author of this short story explains to us why Hugh Hefner is his first choice when he wishes to be someone else. Read More
A FROZEN FAN-FICTION starring Kristoff and Prince Hans. WARNING! It's a MANXMAN story so if it's not your cup of tea, do not read! Read More
This poem describes what type of dream Catwoman has whenever she returns home from doing some illegal work. Read More
This story takes place after a scene on an episode of WWE Raw involving Dolph Ziggler, Lana and Rusev. Read More
The author of this poem tells us why he likes The Jerry Springer Show. Read More
A photographer tells us what happened between him and Charlize Theron during a photo shoot. Read More
The author of this poem tells us what he would do if he is able to go back in time. Read More

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Spoilers, Spoilers.... A teenage girl gets abducted and taken into nowhere, but then something surprises her that sets her free. Read More
Howard is in need of sexual release after hearing Leonard's hot neighbor having sex. Read More
After Dark Jugenea. Home after a long day, Gene comes home to find his lovely wife, Judy reading and relaxing, but Gene has other ideas. Read More
The boys of One Direction submit to their desires and fantasies with one another while in the privacy of their hotel rooms. Read More
Erotica "Twilight" fanfiction. Bella meets Edward in class, but is repelled by his hostility towards her. Bella then seeks out Jacob for refuge, and the two begin a passionate relationship. Edward decides that he is intrigued by Bella and cannot stay away from her. Bella has a choice to make.… Read More
A man finds himself naked and on a beach... and not alone. Read More
A man living with his wife in a new house encounters the spirit of the late Cassandra Lynn while taking a shower. Read More
A man watching an episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit falls asleep and wakes up in a room with Olivia. Read More
A cruise ship arrives in Miami but everyone who was in it were dead. Horatio and his team uncover not only dead bodies but also of a long forgotten war that you would only read in horror books. When Horatio and his team see a clan of vampires and a… Read More
Cedric Diggory AU. Cedric Diggory has traveled from England to attend the renowned Wright School, where he meets California's biggest self-loathing misfit, Lola Sinclair. Together they explore their sexuality, cross things off their bucket list, and hate on everyone else but each other. Read More
I'm new at writing these things... but Dante as a character really interested me in the new-ish DMC game. I found his relationships with women both sexy and terrifying. I've tried pretty hard to make it understandable for those people who haven't played the game. And if you're not a… Read More
I've read E. L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey series and I wasn't impressed by it. Since this was originally a Twilight fan fiction and the author borrows elements from other erotic works, I thought I would a remake the series and reinterpret it as a fan fiction piece. Since… Read More

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