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Join and learn the journey of becoming a vampire through the eyes of the vampire. Confusion, chaos, memory and change. Adaptation and quick thinking; she learns to become and remembers this new side of herself. Read More
This one line piece takes place after a scene in DC Comics Presents #32. Read More
For the sheltered daughter of a Nord nobleman, traveling across the harsh, frozen lands of Skyrim is no easy task. Which is why I hired Oonla; a brutish Orc ruffian, who's main concerns don't venture very far beyond her own selfish desires for coin and violence. Even so, there is… Read More
A man uses this short story to describe what his sex fantasy with a certain Playboy Playmate in it happens to be. Read More
Paul and Marcy set the screen ablaze in 2002's "Cabin Fever," with a single, fleeting moment of raw, spontaneous passion. There had never been any flutters of romance between them. But circumstances conspired to push this unlikely pair together. When they finally succumbed, their chemistry, while purely physical, was exceptional.… Read More
The 1967 film adapted from the story of the infamous couple Bonnie and Clyde, where the title characters were played by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beaty, aimed to make Clyde a more complex character by eliminating his interest in sex (and I found it really frustrating because young Warren Beaty… Read More
This sedoka poem is what one hardcore fan of Barbara Carrera wants to do with her. Read More
A woman steps out of her comfort zone to experience more than she ever bargained, but is it enough? Breakfast@Lola's has put out a challenge to write a story around a song. The song I have chosen is called "In the Dark" performed by the lovely JoJo. If you are… Read More
A little fan fiction story based on the song and video by Maroon 5, "She Will Be Loved". I hope you guys enjoy it and please leave a comment. I will greatly appreciate it. I will be doing a contest based on favorite songs and music videos. I will have… Read More

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