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Poem / BDSM

March 26, 2023

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Don't hold back.. Read More

Poem / Humiliation Sex

December 27, 2019

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In the seedy part of town... Read More

Featured Review by zebo85

"Your words flow so easily just as the drizzle your imagination pulls from my stiffness..... each and every time I read something you’ve writte..." Read More

A Master tests the resolve of his sub to the maximum with a challenge that is one even too far for her. Read More

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Neighbors submit to their baser desires. Susan doesn't know that she is enabling her husband's affair with the woman down the street. Read More
A girlfriend, suspecting her man of cheating, is convinced to give her man a "Hall pass" by a stranger. And does it get hot Read More

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Following on from Maddie's first trip to the Beauty Spot she goes back alone... (Her first trip is here: https://www.booksiesilk.com/posting/ninabellini/beauty-spot-21414 but it's not important to have read it first. But do, because it'll boost my reader numbers. Leave a comment too and that'll boost my tiny ego.) Read More
A woman gives a special report live on tv as she is fucked and bukkakied. Read More

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my first fantasy writing, hope you all like. Read More
An unexpected surprise in the unlikeliest of places. Read More
Its raw. There's no subtlety. We just needed a good fuck. Read More
A devil has sworn to throw the world in the pit of debauchery amd lust. Read More

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Feeling every bit the neglected and sexually deprived housewife, Della is forced to take matters into her own hands before she goes insane. She ventures to a seedy bar in town, not for a drink but for some rough sex with whoever will oblige! Read More
A long day at work sends Moira home tense and exhausted, only to find a playful trail of notes and clues from her husband, who waits upstairs with a bubble bath that soon becomes heated for them both. Read More
The novel "Green Eyes" tells the story of true love between John, the narrator, and Alex, the object of desire, who happens to have green eyes. But before it's true love, it's true sex, starting in the cruising area behind the gay beach of Georgia Beach. GA. Read More

Short Story / Gay and Lesbian

February 28, 2011

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A totally nasty but utterly sweet story of gay love. Read More

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