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Jim and Ann really will do anything to get their son back. They are too messed up to realize the cop helping them is one of the kidnappers of the boy. They are forced to have sex before cameras. Read More
The kidnappers forced Jim and Ann to have sex in front of cameras. Read More
Ryan continues his control of Danny's mom, and his games become more and more humiliating and extreme. Read More
Poor Andy's nightmare in the hands of campus cops is far from over. The humiliation continues. Read More
This is the short story of high school senior Ben who went down the wrong path and found his entire life totally ruined. The story contains humiliation and rough sex. Read More
The last chapter of Cari's terrible humiliation ordeal at the hands of her boyfriend Danny. Read More
Alex takes his English Teacher's torment to new extremes in the classroom and the school toilet. Read More
Poor 18 yr old Michael's torment increases as he is branded a faggot and used by the boys at his school under the direction of a sadistic doctor. Read More
18 year old high school senior Michael has been tagged as a faggot. Dr. Brass makes an example of him in fron tof the entire senior varsity team. Read More
Young Jenny is doing better this week. She is forced to entertain a group of college boys at a frat party. She has an interesting encounter with something off the buffet table. Read More
Small endowed Teddy's situation gets worse when he gets a visit at school from his tormentors. Read More
Jenny's latest report is quite positive, however she still is not putting enough dedication into her training. Her discomfort increases. Read More
Poor Carlos wakes from the all night orgy after his first night at the strip club, only to face more humiliation and degradation at the hands of his fellow workers. Read More
Poor young Carlos gets a job as a stripper, but he is too innocent for the place, and he is humiliated and used beyond belief. His lif eis changed forever. Read More

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