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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

After fingering her pussy into a frenzy, Penny realises her private spot is not so private. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

On her 18th birthday, Jennifer Nichols has designed a plan to lose her virginity. All she needs now is for everything to go smoothly, and for the person she has chosen to go along with it. Read More
Findiner herself alone at home on a Saturday night, Chilli decides a night of porn to herself is in order. After she gets comfortable, she hears noises next door, below her third floor room window, where she spies a man, sitting jerking off to an invisible audience. Read More
Sotted friends demand a demo of my hypno skills. My wife 'limits' the results, but I have a big surprise for them AND her. The demo gets very risquee. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Horny wife teases Coney Island crowd then rides the Cyclone. She allows a teen (18 yo) to fondle her on the ride and loses her top then lets him grope her and expose himself. She is thrown out of an eatery and forms an ad hoc FTN movement that is… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Any chance of a comment .on my .Pic & Story. ....Thank You. We ( Men ), on the other hand cannot even think about pussy without having to worry about the curse of ...The Bulge !!! LOL ! especially if you have a big cock and you are wearing beach… Read More
A hot, sticky humid night in the library turns even hotter and more sticky when tiny white panties cum into the picture. Read More
One afternoon, while rehearsing her striptease in the reflection of the kitchen window, Emily discovers she has an unwelcome spectator. Accustomed to paying audiences only, she vents her anger by hurling a convenient plant pot at the onlooker Read More
The home nudist is at it again. His life revolves around loads and loads of sex and in various ways. Exploration goes on......... Read More
A tale of a young couple that stray off the path Read More
Sometimes the best sounding ideas have unexpected consequences. Read More
Wife is spanked by old guy friend while husband watches, but things rapidly spiral out of control. Read More
A couple has an erotic and unexpected night with a man they met at a club when the wife loses control and her husband goes farther that he'd ever planned or imagined. Read More
In this continuation of 'One-Trick Penny', Penny makes the decision to become a professional sex worker and quickly learns the trade, becoming a much sought after item at the Aventeen hotel. As she begins to assent the ranks of her new trade, she learns there is a price to be… Read More
A wife, Penny, indulges her husband’s fantasy of her become a prostitute with her as his only client, but soon discovers she is even more aroused by the game than he is. Went she befriends a real life sex worker, her temptations push her to the brink. Read More

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November 05, 2014

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Obsessive beautiful man falling for a hard-to-deal-with gorgeous lady. Read More
Bethan’s back from her first term away at uni; freshly-pierced, freshly-tattooed and now, it seems… freshly-bisexual. And what better way to shock everyone back home than showing off her sassy, rebellious, dreadlocked new girlfriend Emily? But when they visit her old school friend Jadie, it’s Bethan and Emily who’ll get… Read More
Hannah was his best friend, and the girl of his dreams. During the hottest summer on record, Jason, an attractive young man, finds that she actually "digs" him. As does mysterious Alice, and Sexy Jenny. What a hot summer he has ahead of him! Read More
I perform in front of the audience and afterwards, a stranger shows me his gratitude Read More
Short story from SHE (One Womens Experience)copywright 1998 Read More

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