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Short Sexy Photos on the lovely,, Lorriane Melissa "Skylar" Malone, enjoy! Read More

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Canary, T, And Energy Are The Worlds Mightiest Heroes But When Canary Falls For Shadow; A Member Of The X's , The Worlds Top Thieves. Everything Begins To Crumble. Now The Enforcers Are Trapped In A Love Quarrel With The X's While Dealing With A Psychotic Villain A Ruthless Alien,… Read More
Revenge: Tyler/Emily .. series of unrelated oneshots about Tyler, in his usual psychotic deliciousness, claiming Emily as his. Read More
Ok guys, the story HAS NOT disappeared, I have deleted the other one and attempted to make it neater, Please ENJOY. A girl named Libby has always had to put up with Alyssa annoying everyone in highschool, and acting as if she was the popular queen of the school. But… Read More
EL UNIVERSAL (PERIODICO) — Jesus Tadeo Yee Jimenez Tellez nacido un 17 de mayo en la ciudad de culiacán sinaloa ahora pretendiendo ser político mexicano a motivacion, impulso como apoyo de su padrino el ex funcionario Diego Fernandez de Cevallos Ramos, como de diversos funcionarios importantes en mexico con… Read More

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August 23, 2010

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

My Friend Joshua Boyde asked about love...(to read follow the link ) Here's my answer :) Read More
Sesshomaru, The great lord of the west, shows his young companion the pleasures of pleasing her master. Read More
Emily is a girl living a double life. While trying to become a famous pianist she has to take on a high paying second job so she can pay the bills. She knows her life will turn upside down if her boyfriend and parents find out what she does on… Read More
i wanted to create a movie called Asmodeous cause i was obseesed with the legend. so here is a little sneak preview of how Sarah is staring to see a different side of him and Asmodeous is beggining to see real true love instead of lust all the time. so,… Read More
just read it! Esp. all EMOS!!! When you feel: PAIN, EMO, LOVE, HATE, HURT, WRONG, ANGRY, EMO, CRY, LUST(?), etc. Read this!!! Read More

Tags: lust, love, pain, hate, hurt, wrong, angry, emo, cry, etc

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