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Three male friends on vacation go inside a supposed abandoned building only to have them see that it really is not abandoned at all. Read More
A young man goes inside a house to ask for some more odd jobs to do and finds a friend's mother doing something that gives him other ideas. Read More
On her way to work, Adina is stuck on the side of the road when a kind stranger comes to her aid. Read More
What is about to happen between a young couple is being explained in this one line short story. Read More
A woman wakes up and finds herself in bondage... and not alone. Read More
What happens after two women allowed themselves to take their tops off is being explained in this haiku poem. Read More
This one line short story describes what happens after one woman places herself inbetween a man's legs. Read More
A woman is using this con-verse poem to explain why her two roommates woke her out of an afternoon nap. Read More
A wife gives her husband 3 awesome birthday presents. Read More
A wife brings home a girl to play with her husband. The 3 of them have hot sex. Read More
This story continues where Colombian Pool Boy leaves off, when she tells him to bring a friend with him. Read More
A hot girl has hot sex with her pool boy. Read More
A girl likes women as well as men. Read More
Day 2 of lovers reuniting . What he has in store for her is very naughty. Read More
A rich girl who has no regard for the law gets taught a lesson when she gets caught speeding in the middle of no where. Read More
A girl has a dream of passion. Read More
An new model agrees to pose nude, she gets to help make a master piece among other things. Read More
Two ex-Lovers hook back up. This story is day 1 of their time back in each others arms. Read More

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This poem is a new and raunchy version of a classic nursery rhyme entitled 'Jack And Jill'. Read More
A man comes home from his jog and sees what two women are doing with each other in the kitchen. Read More
A man is using this haiku poem to describe what went on between him and his girlfriend in the bathtub. Read More
Samuel gets a hot show from his next door neighbor and her friend. Then visits for a early afternoon seduction. Read More
In this one line short story, a man does one thing while watching two women do something else in front of him. Read More
This one line short story is about what a man sees a woman do after he gets out of a swimming pool. Read More
One guy does one thing with his lover unaware that another guy is watching them. Read More
At first, a man has thought that his wife's encounter with a certain demon was nothing more than a dream... but that's before he finds her acting unlike herself. Read More
This terza rima poem is about what happens to a pair of astronauts after they flew into an unexpected radiation cloud during a mission. Read More
This one line short story is about what a woman has seen while allowing a man to do something to her on the kitchen floor. Read More
A man is using this haiku poem to share what he has seen a woman doing with her back to a mirror. Read More

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