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In this poem, a young man goes to a swimming pool to cool off only to run into someone who gives him other ideas. Read More
This one line short story is about what happens after a woman sees one part of the author get hard. Read More
A man is using this one line short story to explain what happens to him when a woman does something in front of him. Read More

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Emma is at Harvey's for Christmas. It surely will be a kinky Christmas! Read More
Both a young man and his girlfriend look around to make sure they are alone before doing something. Read More
This poem is about what happens between a man and his female roommate while they share a bath together. Read More
A man is using this one line piece to describe what a woman is doing while sitting naked on a chair. Read More
This one line short story is from the point of view of a guy who has seen what a woman is doing on the front porch of her house. Read More
One man opens his eyes and sees himself in a confusing situation before sneaking a peek at what three friends are doing in a bedroom. Read More
young maria has a thing for stripping her fellow teens. that's just how she is: a wicked, ruthless taker of clothes! on her diary she writes recounts of her favorite experiences for all to read. she'll strip girls as well as boys, younger or older, it doesn't matter, as long… Read More
Cunnilingus in verse Read More

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This piece is one that is about a new type of sexual position that has to do with some items of fruit. Read More
This one line short story is about what a woman saw when she looked over her shoulder while doing something else. Read More
A young woman goes to see how her mother is doing after divorcing her father and gets quite a surprise in the process. Read More
Three male friends on vacation go inside a supposed abandoned building only to have them see that it really is not abandoned at all. Read More
A young man goes inside a house to ask for some more odd jobs to do and finds a friend's mother doing something that gives him other ideas. Read More
On her way to work, Adina is stuck on the side of the road when a kind stranger comes to her aid. Read More
What is about to happen between a young couple is being explained in this one line short story. Read More
A woman wakes up and finds herself in bondage... and not alone. Read More
What happens after two women allowed themselves to take their tops off is being explained in this haiku poem. Read More
This one line short story describes what happens after one woman places herself inbetween a man's legs. Read More

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