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A young freelance journalist is working in a small village where he meets a beautiful woman. They fall in love, and the relationship changes their lives - forever. Read More
Katie has been after her professor since the beginning of school, but what she doesn't know is that the professor has a plan for her as well. Read More
Story from the collection, Max, Katie and Amelie, this story is a voyeuristic tale. Available on Amazon and Smashwords. Get it while it's hot - 6 short stories, all aimed at getting you turned on. Watch Max and Katie play with their favorite toy. Watch Amelie head out hunting on… Read More
Amelie starts a new job working for a sexy but uptight, high-powered attorney and it's the first time she has ever doubted herself. Does obedient Amelie have what it takes to make her boss unwind? This is a fragment of the 10,000 word story that can be found here: Read More
Katie is hot for her professor and decides she is going to get his attention right in the middle of his class, all she needs is a short skirt, some thigh-high stockings, and lollipop. This is one of the stories in the collection Max, Katie & Amelie. If you like… Read More
Max has gotten a job as Mr. Hudson\\'s nanny while she is attending college. Little does she know that Mr. Hudson\\'s neighbor\\'s oldest daughter is also in her class and she needs the notes for the history test. Once the two get together, they start to talk about Mr. Hudson… Read More
My friend Aaron invited my wife and I over to his place to hang out. But we all got a little more than we had bargained for. Please see for more! Read More
As a guy I have always dreamed of watching two women together, and when it finally happened, it was better than anything I could have imagined; a threesome at the Laundromat. Read More
A husband's fantasy was to watch his beautiful wife being serviced by another man. This idea originally rejected by his wife, but with the help of understanding friends, and an enthusiastic stud, his fantasy is brought to fruition. The erotic scenes are secretly viewed by husband and friends-consequences ensue. An… Read More
Kayla and Mitch might be at opposite sides of a business deal but what do they do when all there is is a conference table between them? Read More

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