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We meet on the net and we connect! And we connect! Read More

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She receives a box by mail and a letter telling her what she has to do. Can she go through with it? Can she do what her lover asks? Read More
One day it came a packet in the mail to me and I knew what it was. But instead of opening it I gave it to Kristina and told her that it is a present from me to her. Read More

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A woman has to find another way to pay for her ride when she find that her credit card is missing. Read More
24:th of December 2015. I woke up as usual early in the morning. Kristina was still sleeping and I stepped up from the bed without to wake her up. This morning is special to me because it is Christmas Eve today. That special day when we give each other Christmas… Read More

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I had just been coming home from work and I could hear a strange noise from the bed room. I took off my shoes and my jacket and I went in to the bed room and I found my wife lying there with a magic want in her hand playing… Read More
We came about some 200 km and then we decided to stop to eat something. We had our own food with us and a primus stove so we could make coffee and tea. It was a small road and I stopped on a smaller forest road beside the road we… Read More

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So I was getting one of those presents I had in the car and I gave it to her. It was a very small packet and she opened it joyful as a child. And she said my so sweet it is when she saw what was in the packet. I… Read More

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It started a Saturday morning and we didn’t know what to do. So I came with the idea to go out to have a picnic. I knew a good spot where we could go. So I fixed the picnic basket and you wanted to change cloths. Read More

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One day we went to an abandoned quarry about 40 km east of Uppsala. The plan is to make some photos of Kristina. This was in the end of May and it was a wonderful weather. It was about 30 degrees in the air and full sunshine. Read More

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I remember one time and it was 2004. I was kind of desperate to find someone to love. I did search the Internet on many different dating sites. Both sites as Match and even sites where people searched only for short term sex contacts. I was nearly giving up my… Read More
Kristina wanted to see what we had recorded so I plugged the video cam in to the computer and showed her the result and she said Mmmmmm that is wonderful. So sexy and sweet don’t you think? Read More

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Kristina wanted to have a shower when she came home. I know what that usually ends up with but not today. Today I wanted to give her a new experience. That pleasure not only comes from sex. Ok you can call this sex as well but not in the real… Read More

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Ok I shuffled the cards and then I asked her to deal them. Ok I got a very bad hand and I had to change 4 cards. I bet my trousers she said and I did the same. And she took only two. Well time to call I said and… Read More

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We had been out all day in the wonderful winter weather. We had been to the cost town of Öregrund because we wanted to see the sea in the winter time. All day the sun had been shining but now when we were going back home the clouds gathered around… Read More

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We were looking on different solutions because we did want to have sunshine and hot and a beach. In the same time we wanted to go cheap; to a place where everything wasn’t so expensive that we had to be millionaires to go. In the same time I had a… Read More

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My love and I should go to a party. A little different party I can say. It was with a special order in the Maces community. Here it is only lot’s of very rich people who are the members of this order and of cause me as a joker. It… Read More

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I am gazing and looking and I feel my lust to touch you. But no I will let you sleep. I just will stay here and look at you. To see you wonderful breasts in the morning light. I want to see your curves on your body. I want to… Read More

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December 06, 2015

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I told her to open the packet up to see what it was. And she did do that. I love the looks on her face when she saw what the packet contained. It was a beginners set in bondage. Some hand and foot cuffs and a blindfold and a gag… Read More
Ok so we went in our room and we undressed as they said. Then we put on the robes and we went down to the pool to look how it was looking and if there was some people there. It was. A couple in our own age was there and… Read More
And when the artist is ready there will be professional photographers that will make a photo shoot of you. The result will be published in a well known international magazine called Penthouse Magazine. Read More
She became happy like a child for the gift and she went away to get her gift to me. Together we opened the presents and I saw that she got some strange look in her eyes when she saw what I had bought for her. Read More

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She felt so good and the feeling to just run and shout was overwhelming and inside of her she felt a urge for something but she didn’t know what it was. Read More

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A young man fights and then gives in to his desire for his beautiful stepmom. Read More

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A couple engages in some erotic play when they are stranded in the buildings unreliable elevator Read More

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