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Jack The Soul Taker is a rather curious supernatural tale set in the late 1950's about a meddling medium Maggie Grimes who holds a one night yearly seance. After visiting her sister in nearby Minehead a tragic death occurs and it would appear that something sinister has marked her card.… Read More
I am living out my daily jerking fantasy. Bama then smiled and asked me ...’’ do you want to kiss it fully..? ‘’ ‘’ Yes ‘’ I said and gasped as bama removes her brassiere to free her Stunning breasts. The areola in her nipple is brown and curvy. She… Read More
bama too realized that and smiling told me ..’’ hey … it is normal for you to look at it . but your looks may not direct at me . o .k ..’’ your two mangoes are largest and I loves to see it ..’’ Bama blushed and bewildered .… Read More
A journey through a country year (taking time off for a favourite dog or pub) in a valley village in the West Country. Read More
EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age Read More
Hull is like a gushers scent on you face, the morning after a shower. Bringing back delectable memories each time it wafts past the nostrils of your consciousness... Read More
This is a very huge book with ample images that aims to prove that feudal language of Asia, Africa and elsewhere are quite dangerous for refined living standards. Read More

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