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As far as he knew, Joe Granger was the only Terran being within lightyears, and he liked it that way. But one day at the market on Roku V, he saw something unexpected: another human. Stranger still, she was naked. Read More

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Mandy and her friends are big into escape rooms. They've travelled across the country doing different rooms and breaking records. Now they face their biggest test: an Ultra Mega Escape Room the size of a warehouse. And for some reason, a lot of the puzzles seem to require removing items… Read More
A high school girl, through serendipitous means, blackmails her teacher and takes complete control of her life. The student has a strong propensity for doling out humiliation, an activity at which she is quite adept. The teacher is a most unfortunate victim of her student's voracious appetite for enforced humiliation.… Read More

Book / General Erotica

November 18, 2021

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Andy needs to leave school after his swim team meet. However, he encounters a few obstacles that are preventing his departure; and it's done by someone he doesn't expect at all... Read More
Sixteen year old Juliette Miller always followed the rules. Why wouldn't she? They were there for a reason, right? She never got in trouble, she was the model student. Of course, such a sense of obedience might attract some unwanted attention, say, from a veteran tormentor looking for a new… Read More
She was caught at the worst possible moment doing something that she shouldn't have done. Now, she has to face the consequences. Read More
enjoy sorry automated translation, probably mistakes you can send me corrections for editing the story Read More
A nerd is on the receiving end of a series of torment at the hands of bullies and accidentally summons a genie who is willing to grant her heart's desires for a hefty price. Read More

Tags: genie, enf

A nerd who has been on the receiving end of torment at the hands of bullies accidentally summons a genie who offers to grant her heart's desires for a hefty price. Read More

Tags: genie, georgia, enf

Anne is convinced to go to a beach party by her friends, who promptly abandon her to go make out with some boys. Decided to make a good night for herself, Anne looks for a secluded spot to watch the sunrise. However, she dozes off and rudely awakes to the… Read More

Short Story / Humor

January 02, 2020

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

A boy relates his most embarassing medical procedure (so far). Posted to the Forced Nudity Archive in 2019 [https://www.asstr.org/~puericil/main.html] but they do not allow illustartions. So I will try it here. Read More

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The Stripping and Humiliation House

Young Hayden tries to blend in as “one of the girls” when his sister hosts a sleepover with a bunch of her friends from school. His perverted motives are not as well-hidden as he thinks, and he quickly discovers girls are just as curious to learn about the opposite sex,… Read More
Pearl is caught in an embarrassing situation by a fellow parent. Now, she has to face the consequences. Read More
a closet enf writer is thrown into a nightmare when the victim of her enf stories enters her life, seeking revenge. Read More
My wife is always late. Because of her, we missed out on a concert with our friends and tonight we were to attend a dinner party with our friends. I vowed we would not be late and I was going to keep my word, no matter what. Read More
Little Fiamma falls victim to a thoroughly humiliating plan, by the hands of Mary —just a few years her senior— and a few friends of her. Read More
A young adult's point of view of an ENF scenario that happens at his job when a thief is taught a life lesson. Read More

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