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Two individuals of different life trajectories meet up for the first time. When they finally meet, their unconventional pairing leaves a mark on both of them in more ways than one. A/N: *Smut-filled chapters will have a NSFW indication in the form of a A/N so to save people who… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Have you ever encounter someone's presence for all the right reasons. Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Having lost my virginity later than most of my peers, the next few years were wild as I became caught in that familiar confusion of love versus sex. Many mistakes were made, many heartaches borne. Some I bounced back from quickly, others left deeper scars. This one was worthy of… Read More
a hot steamy encounter, but it might have been just a fantasy like dream Read More

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This is part 1 of a possible continuation, if some people would like to read more. I always appreciate constructive feedback. Thank you! Read More
Scarlot cant get over her ex Alexis. They have become good friends putting the past of there break up behind them. When they get alone will she tell her ex her sexual frustrations. Or will her ex give in or will she think about her know girlfriend. Read More
Alice chased after an anthropomorphic rabbit because he dropped his gloves in apprehension. Little did she know that he was actually leading her to the queen of lesbians. The queen, named Amoret, convinced Alice that she was her rightful mate. The rest, that followed, turned out well for her. Read More
My first sexual encounter with a special lady friend of mine in the Philippines. Read More
Jeff has an encounter in the woods that he never expected. "A brilliant light pierces the night sky"...and Jeff becomes a pawn in another reality. Read More
Short story of a sexy ex-model man who now is in the normal work society and experiences a beautiful woman on a train ride that he will remember for the rest of his life. So hot so sexy that it cannot be true. This short story is based on true… Read More
A short fictional piece about a random encounter involving a beautifully formed women and an unsuspecting male. You must read on, find out more, comment and review, it would be with great pleasure to listen to your opinions. Read More
Set in the swinging 60s in London, the book charts the dynamic and ultimately surprising course of a romance between a writer, Richard, and an air hostess, Angela, who wishes to expand the boundaries of her experience. An involvement with a black power fanatic and the dazzling theater world make… Read More
A married middle aged woman goes to a concert and has an experience that will change her life for ever Read More
A young woman emerges from the shadows of a sheltered life, discovering in the process that venturesome experiences sometimes exact a costly toll. Read More
She awaites her lovers return Read More

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