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After spending most of his teenage life chasing women, Sam finally figures out, with regret, that he loves men. This is my first gay erotica, I hope it's good! Read More
A poem I wrote about vengeance, shattered hearts/minds and emotional breakups. Read More
A man's feelings crashing to the surface and hurting people around him. Read More
Rayin is your average teenage boy, you know, except for the powers and being gay of course. He had a hard time his first two years of high school but the third year is different for him. Rayin gets saved by a boy he never noticed in school before. Then… Read More
Just a story I thought people might like...it gets a little risque in later chapters so be warned. Like and comment if I should continue or you have suggestions. Enjoy :) Read More

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Ally is a normal, beautiful teenager. Her life was not great but not bad.. But after one night, her life was shattered into a million pieces.. All because of one man. Read More

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One night I was all alone with my brother, my parents were out. My borthers name is Joel, I never knew his true character until tonight.. He did cruel things to me.. But did I really hate it? A part of me loved the things he did.. Read More
carmen who 13 run away from home and gose to new yolk to saret a new lift but she didn't known it would be hared then her last one Read More
My brother came out the closet about 3 years ago and he is now dating nate. Nate is one of the hottest guys ive seen in my life. He would never like plain old me but that doesnt mean i dont think about it. Then one day he kisses me… Read More
The story of one man on his way on becoming the god of assassins it all begins here in the U.S.A Read More


November 29, 2010

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Aaron is a 16-year-old living his life, and what a crappy life it is... Follow his first-hand account as he deals with rape, betrayal, lies, abuse and depression and tries to overcome it all. Read More

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Bill and Tom Kaulitz are sent to an Englush boarding school after the death of their parents- leavcing behind all fame, all money and their histories. How will they survive through these new experiences, and new feelings? Another twincest fan fic. Read More
Kiss the Emo is the story of a cynical, depressed teenage boy named Zane. Somewhere, in the back of his cobwebby and pitch dark heart, he knows he's gay. But he won't acknowledge it or confront it at all, because his father would beat him black and blue if Zane… Read More
An Incubus falls in love with a regular human girl. They have a child. But before their child is born... The father dies for their family. Something a demon would never do. Unless... Read More
Tear drops of blood is a deathly poem about violent sex and death and sorrow, as-well as kind of a suicidal Gothic emo poem. Read More
A girl. Standing all alone on a bridge ready to end it all ... Based on my real-life experience and Avril Lavigne's 'I'm With You'. Read More

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Two emo teen have sex. Read More

Tags: sex, romance, love, emo

Random! Enjoy meh first novel! Read More

Tags: romance, love, sad, hope, random, emo

just read it! Esp. all EMOS!!! When you feel: PAIN, EMO, LOVE, HATE, HURT, WRONG, ANGRY, EMO, CRY, LUST(?), etc. Read this!!! Read More

Tags: lust, love, pain, hate, hurt, wrong, angry, emo, cry, etc

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