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Summerhil Police Station, London. A police station in the East end of London, with good and bad parts. When ex paramedic of 12 years joins the station as a new Inspector she clashes almost straight away with one particular Sergeant. But is all as it seems? Do they not like… Read More
Sgt. Comfort Jones starts new at Sunhill Station where she gets partnered with Sgt. Callum Stone. A friendship isn't forged but a respect for each other is but as time goes on there's a spark of tension between them both? Do they hate each other as much as they make… Read More
Comfort Jones known as CJ to some, mum others and scum to others. The daughter of a notorious drugs lord in the city. Her ex, also a drugs lord and an abuser. Mother, friend, colleague and leader of the biggest girl gang in the city and country. An old flame… Read More

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