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Eragon a human, Arya an elf, have erotic sex, Arya gets pregnant, they live their immortal lives together as a family. Read More
'I was just your ordinary girl, the only difference was i grew up in foster homes before becoming a homeless street kid from the age of 14, what's the worst the could happen?' - Julie 'I finally found her,my mate, but how can i tell her that we're worse then… Read More
Meet Faridah, a misunderstood outcast in the neel'tak/n'ayr realm. She is a beautiful, sensual female who has a knack for getting into trouble. After the Elders have had enough of her mischief, she is sent out to live in out in the human realm. Will she settle into life as… Read More
Alina leads a rather ordinary life: studying at university, living in a barely average apartment and dealing with her sex addict of a roommate bringing home a guy almost every day. Or at least she did, before she stumbled into a summoning portal that whisked her to a new world,… Read More
Far has been a loyal knight of the Lexus Kingdom for as long as he can remember. But now the King and Queen have fallen. And he must seek out the only heir that can take the throne before the kingdom falls to darkness. The lost daughter of the Queen,… Read More

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This is the tale of a young Elven girl’s attempts to do her duty for her people. A couple of chapters are told like a fairytale, but is not for children! It is erotic in places, but this is a story lead novel and I think the age rating of… Read More
Entry for Mythical creature/fantasy contest challenge // Summary: Ever since my queens own brother went rouge thousands of years ago – splitting up the lands – we, the Elves, had been in war with what we called, Dark Elves. Kalion, my queens brother, fathered spawn with demons, so I've heard.… Read More
Hey, its a book im currently writeing, the first page is here, please comment on it, the reason its rated X? meh, therell be some swearing in dramatic moments / arguments, allso, some gory writeing, (Due to the fact its about vampires :P) Read More

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