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April 04, 2019

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I write actively update the story on https://my.w.tt/5jwYEGobDV ... trying to find a way to get the media on here showing ! Read More
Tom owns a shoe shop and falls in love with a customer he can never have. The object of his affection is the lovely Linda - A black woman with a fondness for red shoes. Read More
A couple who met online invite another female from their online group to watch their freaky sexcapades Read More
He had no idea that one of his life long fantasies would come to fruition during a chance encounter at a business seminar. The pair form a connection, and fantasy comes to life. Read More
First Lady Presidential issues our the worst but when he's not around its the best................ Read More
Rosé needs to relax. She's been too stressed. The year is ending and yet she is so tense. A bath would do the trick, and nearly does, until she is interrupted. Read More
For the past couple of years, everyday working at Staples has been nothing but a boring routine for the young and beautiful Carmen. She despises the fact that she works for her boss, John, who she feels purposely gives her a hard time for the hell of it. Although she… Read More

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