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Driving dressed and got caught by a cop Read More
Sex can be a dangerous form of distracted driving, but oh so exciting. Read More
A lot of stories are made driving down the open road. Stories of love, of loss, and discovered treasure. This particular story involves a hitchhiker I picked up and the hot, wet present he gave me in return. Read More

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Poem / General Erotica

September 09, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

For Scotty me muse at the moment Read More
I am on my way home when i notice the woman in the car next to me is playing with herself...... its what happens next is the interesting part Read More

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A day which could not surely get any worse for London cabbie Reggie. But his next fair might just show him that it's possible. Read More
taken from my book, "Blinded By Thought" Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

When driving on the road, there are a number of distractions to be provided. But how is one to react when the greatest distraction is of the opposite sex, and is trying hard to arouse the one behind the wheel? Can it be avoided? Or would the driver have to… Read More
The day Amelie turned 18, she decides to leave her old life behind to start a new one. A new one without disappointments or setbacks. A new one that should be happy. She always wanted to experience happiness. The happiness parents have, when they're playing with ther children, the happiness… Read More
taken from my book, "I Miss The 'Bright Side'" Read More
kiera and c.j like each other but they can't be together but when he teach her how to drive they might get more than what they bargain for Read More

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