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My boss, Mr. King, is going through a rough patch. And I feel it is my duty to make him feel better. My job may be on the line... (I'm thinking of turning this into a novel, this is the test run.Let me know if you think I should!) Read More
Sext mates Tara and Ben get together again for another rendezvous this time in a hotel. Read More
Even though nikita and mark are damaged, the love eichother the way they are. They founf eachother when they didn't know who they were alone Read More
Marie is sent to the doctor from her friends to relieve her bitchiness, ill temper, and moodiness. Marie has never been to a doctor that asks her to become naked and lay on the bed. She decides to take a risk and trust her doctor Dr. Shaft uses several techniques… Read More
I wrote two paragraphs from two different short story ideas. I would like everyone to comment on what you think. Tell me which is your favorite and why. I will continue to post more. Read More
4 college girls are trvaelling Europe, but they get lost. They crash at a mysterious castle which has a handsome, young resident Racdalu. However, this gentleman sees them as more than just guests. He wants them in his harem, and he's got supernatural powers that allows him to sexually enslave. Read More
It was looking like a peaceful night for Greg. A night of stir-fry and TV while the rain poured outside. That is, until a surprise visitor shows up. Read More
Sex in a Summer Meadow Read More

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Hey Girls. Do you have your own Graduation Party or Other party dresses? If not, no worry. i am going to share some with You. ( Stylish + Cheap + Most Popular ) Read More
Today, I had a great afternoon tea with my friends Cathy, she is a wedding planner in London. Cathy have told me many good stories, and now I would share you something about Christian Wedding. Read More
Today , i am going to show some Summer/Fall Party Dresses. All styles are 2012 New Arrivals. Take a look!! Read More
But instead, he just made what he thought were vague references to his fantasies. Dawn, however, being a pretty smart cookie, saw a pattern in Brad's comments and knew that one day, given the right mood and opportunity, she might fulfill her husband's deepest wish. From part of story! Enjoy Read More

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Have u bought gift for mother ? what gifts u choosed ? How about a nice Dress ? i think it will be a big surprise for ur mother. Read More
Becca and Slater were shopping when they took a side trip into a dressing room. Read More

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