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A man watching an episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit falls asleep and wakes up in a room with Olivia. Read More
A man hears a sound and finds himself in a strange place with a beautiful woman. Read More
A woman wakes up on New Year's Day and discovers that she had somehow gotten herself pregnant and it might have something to do with her latest sexual conquest. Read More
Uhura wakes up and discovers that she is not aboard the Enterprise and with no clothes on...and that's just for starters. Read More
A man sits on a kitchen counter and eating breakfast with no clothes on...and that's only the half of it. Read More
When Allison opens her eyes and discovers where she is and what happened to her,she decides to try to figure it out,only to have Jack's sudden arrival change those plans. Read More
Catherine has a relaxing soak in the bathtub after a long day of work before Nick pays her an unexpected visit and joins her in that tub. Read More
While raking up the leaves in his yard,a teenager falls asleep and suddenly wakes up in the realm of the fairies where he encounters one of them. Read More
Since she is staying home and missing a party due to a head cold,Samantha Jones goes right to sleep in her recliner and wakes up with a young and handsome stranger in Cancun. Read More
Callahan starts sleeping in the nude after her air conditioner breaks down but is woken up by an unexpected visit from Mahoney and Thompson. Read More
As soon as The Mystery Machine drops Freddie off at his house,he goes into his bedroom and discovers a surprise in the form of a naked Velma waiting for him on the bed. Read More
When she starts to fall asleep,Janeway turns command of Voyager over to Chakotay and goes into her quarters where she suddenly starts feeling horny. Read More
After Zack and Kelly's wedding,Slater decides to change his life by permanetly moving to Las Vegas,only to have him catch a look at a female bodybuilder named Spice Williams-Crosby and start having sex dreams of her. Read More
On the evening after the visit from Hailey Nash at exactly Midnight,Melanie Moretti is not sleeping because she might be sexualy attracted to Hailey as a result of what happened during that visit. Read More
After she goes to sleep in her quarters,some mysterious force makes Deanna get out of bed,step inside a holodeck and witness Will having hot sex with Stephanie Larimore. Read More
While the Enterprise is en route to Earth,a sleepy James T. Kirk goes into his personal quarters and spots Janice Rand standing in there with only a large flanel shirt on. Read More
A heartless college jock goes to sleep in his dorm room,only to be woken up by a party in his honor which includes a guest who is there for something else. Read More
After he finally finishes work on an essay and opens a Playboy Magazine,a college student suddenly finds himself in the dorm bathroom and Kelly Carrington is in there with only a tee shirt on. Read More
While she goes over some files in the lounge,Doctor Elizabeth Corday wishes for her husband Doctor Mark Greene to come back and let her spend one whole day with him. Read More
While they were looking for their assigned campsite in a national park,a sudden rain storm forces two teenage girls to seek shelter inside an abandoned white van,only to discover that it really is not abandoned. Read More

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