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by Virginia T. Watson A girl peeps through the teachers' lounge window and sees a wild 3some. She gets too horny to take it any longer, and after speaking to one of the teachers, meets him and the other teacher for some special after school attention. Read More
Can you be in love with two people or am I just a slut? Read More

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Story told from a dildo's point of view as he watches then takes part in a sex act. Read More
When her boyfriend asks what she wants for her birthday, he does not expect her to say that she wants to try multiple men; however, as he thinks about it, he realizes it would be very hot to see her be so pleased and used. Her wish is granted, and… Read More
Lara's boyfriend decides to settle his debt with his cousin by letting him and other family members gangbang Lara in a barn. Extremely hot gangbang action! Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Mary-Ann is ordered by her employer to fuck her son, Lord Henry. At first Mary-Ann is unsure, but she soon gets into it. Read More
Ashley can't help but see what the noise is coming from the teachers' lounge. What she sees amazes her. Days later, she is invited to relive the moment with 2 of her male teachers. Can she handle them?! Read More
Becky, distraught with her life, decides to hitchhike out of town. She meets Ray, a lonely truck driver who not only wants her company and to fuck her but convinces her to make some money by whoring herself out to other truckers. HOT SEXUAL ACTION (3SOME, BLOWJOBS, LESBIAN, MASTURBATION) Guaranteed… Read More
Lara's boyfriend decides to settle his debt by letting his girlfriend get gangbanged in a barn by his family. Read More
What happens when you put three together into an intimate mental, physical, sexual relationship shaped like a V? But this isn't the usual three, not two She's and a He, like the classic maie fantasy. No, this is a She, named Bex, and her two boyfriends Ade and Cal. What… Read More
Fiona Cali was casted for the lead role in an upcoming lesbian flick. Linda Perkins, the proprietor of Safemme Studios, lusted after her. Hence, she lured Fiona by offering her a handsome amount and invited her at home to sign the contract. At Linda's residence, Fiona gave in to her… Read More

Short Story / General Erotica

September 08, 2013

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Hooker gets two cocks inside her before she wakes up in a hospital... Read More

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A short recollection of an exciting foursome. Two couples can have twice as much fun! Read More

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Sequal To Forced To Believe I got some surprises for you Everything about him frightened me. It was like I forgot everything except for him. I didn't compare him to David, he made me forget about him. He was my Jarod, And I couldn't let that happen. Read More
taken from my book, "Looking For My Shade Of Grey" Read More
A young woman, freshly graduated from the CIA training program, starts her analyst job. Read More
Emily is a girl living a double life. While trying to become a famous pianist she has to take on a high paying second job so she can pay the bills. She knows her life will turn upside down if her boyfriend and parents find out what she does on… Read More
Dr. Harden puts Cee Cee through a long, humiliating day. [ If only I did my part to pleasure my Master fully then I would not be here in this position. This is his way of humiliating me and making me feel ashamed of myself for not pleasing him better.… Read More
Dr. Alfred Wayes Harden does his usual check-up on a patient and discovers that she has not been doing her exercises well enough to give her Master the full pleasure. Read More
Concubine learns the hard way when she disobeys the prince. [ "Enjoy the feel of it. Tonight, you will have the pleasure of being double penetrated. Does that not sound good? Now I will fulfill you again. You will earn every bit of my cream and hold onto it." ]… Read More

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