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This is the short story of high school senior Ben who went down the wrong path and found his entire life totally ruined. The story contains humiliation and rough sex. Read More
Poor jenny suffers even more at the hands of her legal guardian. He points out her reluctance to participate in his "education process," and considers her punishment. Read More
Young jenny, schooled all her life by nuns, finds herself under the control of a perverted lawyer and his friends. She must follow their sick, perverted rules in order to gain her inheritance. Read More

Book / Adult Romance

January 13, 2021

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I had nothing, I was nothing. My fiance' left me in the middle of the night a year ago, and no one knows where he is at. I dont want a man, I dont want my life to be happy. I just want to go out and try to be… Read More

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When Wren is suddenly kidnapped and sold to a mysterious man, her life seems to be in the midst of sexual, lust filled ruin. She finds herself ever stuck between fighting for her freedom, or giving into his will. Read More
Brace yourselves, cause you are about to know about the deepest darkest secrets about me. Are you ready? Read More
Pain and pleasure, they mean the same to me. They're like the air and water for me. Just like that, I need my master, Mr. Richards aka my lit teacher. I'm opening up, both ways. Ready to read about my way of pleasure? He's my yin and I'm his yang. Read More

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If only Billy knew, of the secrets his dad and I kept... Read More
A student in detention with his teacher, nothing out of the ordinary right? Mix in a student with a strong love of feet and a sexy, seductive teacher playing upon his fetish and... Voila! Read More
Light bondage, giving up control, great sex Read More

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Nothing beats a little spontaneous sex, even when you're doing household chores. Read More

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A short story about the fun things that can happen when a man helps in the kitchen. Please let me know if you'd like anything added/edited. Happy reading. Read More
The journey of a woman in search of new sensations. Read More
Hello!! About 3 years ago I got the structure down on how to write it because it was just so fascinating to me. All the characters have been picked for my benefit and I'm not sure all you know who Ben or River characters were based off and who the… Read More

Tags: sex, love, drugs, dominance

Poem / General Erotica

October 01, 2016

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Questions during a session between dom and sub... Read More
Benawriter offered a challenge/contest for the fair ladies of BS to discover their ways to go about fellatio if given complete control to do whatever they wish. As this is a subject of much interest to me, and I love challenges, I could not pass up the opportunity to participate.… Read More

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I have decided to redo this book. It is the most popular book I have written so far. but I did want to change things up a bit, ad some more etc etc. Please read and let me know what you think. If you have already read it, there is… Read More

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Mary goes out at night to take a break from her homework. Little did she knew that this short break will change her life forever. Kidnapped and sold in an auction is too much for her to handle. Will she end up becoming what her master wants her to be… Read More

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I come from a rich family, my dad owns a company that helps other companies invest their money to make money. My dad was good at it. His company grew highly, but what happens when my dad hires the most hottest riches bachelor in the state? You instantly become attracted… Read More
i welcomed Megalips and Benawriter in my world. I'm glad I did. Read it and you'll know why. ;) Read More

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John doesn't want any part of the bigger world. He's seen it and knows the terrible things that come when you leave the simple life. Leaving his narrow, safe world to keep his sister safe, he finds a girl that might just be worth the risk. Read More

Tags: love, drugs, dominance, wild, ex

This is another part of my story Welcome to my world- part 1 Read More
A businesswoman is on a flight to finish another business deal. They always told her to not mix business with pleasure but she never learned the difference. Read More
Beautiful dominance and sadism from a black Domme Read More
Cassandra is losing control. Nothing in her life is how she imagined it would be, almost as if someone else is in charge. But just when she's giving up a certain employer of hers decides to teach her she does have the power. And all the control in the world. Read More

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