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A little romantic tale inspired by the song "Two is better than one" by the pop-rock band "Boys Like Girls! Read More
Phoebe can no longer afford her rent, so comes up with a bet with her landlord James. She will spend a whole week working around the house, completely naked, in return for writing off the debt she owes. But, if James touches her once, she will win 6 months free… Read More
4 college girls are trvaelling Europe, but they get lost. They crash at a mysterious castle which has a handsome, young resident Racdalu. However, this gentleman sees them as more than just guests. He wants them in his harem, and he's got supernatural powers that allows him to sexually enslave. Read More
Alyssa's education continues by the lakeshore. Read More
A couples double date turns into more than originally bargained for... Read More
Reservations for 2, but set the table for 1. Read More
A wonderfully descriptive five chaptered write about a womans visit to an exclusive bed and breakfast and her hopes of a night of romance Read More
A hush of a breath came over Makayla’s shoulder and she stopped, frozen in place as the cold breath glided down her neck. Spinning around again, she saw nothing. It was becoming very clear that she was not alone. She returned down the hallway, past the kitchen area and went… Read More
Adora the maid makes Cee Cee feel good inside and out. They spend the night pleasuring one another. [She slid it in and out till I begged for relief. ] [ Please check my page for the latest additions that may be categorized under Short Story to Other. ] Read More
The original script to the Toison D'or Pleasure Palace. It is slightly different from the ones already listed. [ Please check my page for latest additions that range from short story to script and other. ] Read More
*For original version, go to Script section.* Lord Augustus caters to one of the many ladies who visits his estate. Lillian receives much of his attention over the weekend. [ She removed her shoes and had one foot in between my legs swirling her toes all around my softness that… Read More
Dr. Harden comes over for dinner and the Master punishes Cee Cee throughout the night before having her go with the nice doctor for a week of training. Read More
Rebecca and Eric are on their date night and come home after a fun filled evening and get right down to business Read More
Lisa has had a hard time and doesnt know how to deal with the fact that she was raped but her BF derek wants to take thier realationship to the next level after two years and he asks and things unfold the love blossoms Read More

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First of all, I'm not sure if this is more a flash piece than a story, and I had trouble thinking up a better title but I hope it's still worth the read. let me know what you think! Read More
sexual fanticeis between two mature adult the perfect mood setting and romantic all in one Read More

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