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This is the chapter I've been dying to publish since I left my other page and finally get the chance to! Read More

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February 02, 2013

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

16 year old Diana Rodgers was a regualar high school goth. She always seemed to look down on herself but could hold up on her own. 17 year old Joshua Adams was the most respected goth in high school but didn't like to hang out with big crowds. Diana is… Read More
Diana (Nicknames; Di/Ana) is the Redhead Marilia (Nicknames; Lina/Mari) is the Brunette This is purely Fiction erotica. Music Room Romance is about two new lovers. WORNING the P.O.V. (point of view)might changes from part to part. Read More
This is a conversation me and My friends had while walking home from school..enjoy! Read More
A digital book of nude paintings. This book is strictly not for Children and other legally under-aged persons. Download from https://archive.org/details/AStudyInArtsOPT . Parents are advised not to keep this book where children can access it. This digital book should not be used or opened in locations where viewing of nudity… Read More

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