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Within this moment our hearts shall speak through each touch....each caress...we share. Read More
The price she must pay later on just so she can escape from the stress of life with her lover. Read More
Joined together away from the world outside, where our passion can be set free and be absorbed in the carnal pleasures of our desires. Read More
With a friend like this, who needs relationships? Read More

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Her bare beauty makes me yearn for embrace the desires of our soul and heart. Read More
Each touch, each kiss heightens the passion within our soul, as we share something so precious and true and this moment of affections. Read More

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She plays the game so perfectly, becoming the object of men's desires, a sex object....even though to me she was so much more. Read More
Such longing for a woman burns in the soul....yet not doing anything about it...for it is not right to act on it. Read More
A short story about pushing back on a relationship and chasing desire and lust. Read More

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A moment of Passion together with my Lady, sharing a love so strong and true. Read More
Explicit Erotica .. Adult readers only .. Will You Dance In The Rain With Me ? ..... Read More
Explicit Erotica .. Adult readers only ... Where could be more romantic and passionate than two lovers meeting on a beach, only the tide and moonlight to witness the desire between them. As the waves rush to shore and the sea breeze rises, so does the lust between the lovers… Read More
Let me please you with all I am and taste the sweet nectar your feminine bliss Read More
I think it may turn out to be a book... but I'm not good with dialogue... just leave a comment please Read More
Let me be your lover and share all that I am for you my Lady. Read More
She is my dream come Lady In a sexy black dress Read More
Two lost souls now found and join together in such sweet bliss. Read More
Within this moment we create a memory that will last for an eternity. Read More
Within our embrace we find such a sweet paradise of love and passion. Read More

Poem / General Erotica

November 25, 2011

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sometimes we want what we can have!!! but it doesnt hurt to ask Read More
Desire, wanting, sexual undertone. Read More
I know who you are master***ing to my poems. There is a site I’m on that has a lot of explicit poems on it. And lots of times the people there complain that the visitors only read the erotic poems and not their ‘serious’ work. Of course, the sexy poems… Read More
To the girl on the corner that keeps coming to my mind. Twirling her Hot and Ready pizza sign. Read More
First time I saw that look was yesterday when you grabbed my hand and pulled me to your parents room and f*cked me in their bed Read More

Poem / General Erotica

August 20, 2011

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Through open legs she shows her satin to me Read More

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