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One night I was all alone with my brother, my parents were out. My borthers name is Joel, I never knew his true character until tonight.. He did cruel things to me.. But did I really hate it? A part of me loved the things he did.. Read More
A novel about fall of mankind. -- Max Alec is an lonesome wanderer, he survives day to day only to live to see tomorrow in a land full of brutality and harshness. This story contains violence and graphic scenes, if you're sensitive beware. Read More
I used to think demons were only in stories. My name is Yvette Gonzales, and I was very wrong. This is my story, of how I died, and my re-birth as a vampire. My story is not a happy one, do not expect much rejoicing. Leave your expectations at the… Read More
Hal Corrupski is seventeen when his parents divorce and hisfather is diagnosed with AIDS. Hal is put in an adoption center. When he makes a great escape, he lives off of other peoples money by opening a checking account and forging peoples signatures. Hal is caught by an agent of… Read More
Griffin Beckett wants some adventure in his life. Kimi wishes some of the adventure in her life never happened. A girl meets boy story with a twist. Pictures included. Comments apreciated. Read More
Women. Unlucky in love and recently dumped by man falls for another attractive, strong, goldigger of her dreams, Chole. However, will Chole be able to live without a sugardaddy? Read More
No one understands Matthew better than his own brother, Stephen. They were really close. Like nothing could ever set them apart. But things changed when they get to high school. Matthew becomes the guy everyone wants. Stephen becomes a self-punishing loner. Will they open up to each other once more?… Read More

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