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Teddy is forced to attend a high school costume dance in a most humiliating costume. Ted's father becomes involved. Read More
The author's control of Martin becomes more extreme, as the 18 yr old's school life is ruined. Read More
Young Martin strikes up a most unusual friendship with a man who intends to break and destroy him, sexually, emotionally, and mentally. Read More
Jenny's training has been improving, so it is time to introduce some new refinements and elements into her routine. Read More
Poor young Teddy faces a big test to prove if he is a man or not, but the test is rigged so he cannot perform. Even worse, it is witnessed by some boys from his school. Read More
Small endowed Teddy's situation gets worse when he gets a visit at school from his tormentors. Read More
Carlos tries to extricate himself from his abuse, but it dragged even deeper into degenerate behavior. He is dressed in drag to entertain drunken men. Read More
Jenny;s latest report concerns her visit to the beach, expanding her physical endurance, and future plans Read More
Young jenny, schooled all her life by nuns, finds herself under the control of a perverted lawyer and his friends. She must follow their sick, perverted rules in order to gain her inheritance. Read More
Poor Carlos wakes from the all night orgy after his first night at the strip club, only to face more humiliation and degradation at the hands of his fellow workers. Read More
Poor young Carlos gets a job as a stripper, but he is too innocent for the place, and he is humiliated and used beyond belief. His lif eis changed forever. Read More
Teddy's humiliation continues, as the game is brought into his home. He is also forced to entertain at a party, much to his totally embarrassment. Read More
A young engaged couple visit a doctor for a pre-marriage physical exam. However the doctor is out, and a sadist has taken his place. He totally humiliates the couple. Read More
The author encounters a young student on a train in Japan and decides to have some fun with him. Read More
Colin is turned into a pathetic slave, and is forced to expose himself more and more. Read More
Colin's decline continues. He is degraded to a house slave. Read More
For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated and aroused by corporal punishment - I guess I'm a pervert. I also relish exhibitionism, rough sex and sluts. And the truth is that if it wasn't for depravity my life would be empty - totally empty. I also… Read More
A fantasy I hope to play out soon--a night at the opera. *First draft* Read More
Old, disgusting, disease riddled, creepy man lies lonely in his hospital bed. Read More

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