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Moonbow starts to wonder what type of man Firestorm is after he rescued her from nasty gangsters. Read More
The story begins with Star Boy and Dream Girl enjoying a moment of pure erotica under a large tree.But is it real...or an actual dream? Read More
After her fellow Legionaires wish Saturn Girl a happy birthday,she places herself inside Brainiac Five's simulator and finds herself standing naked on a beach with Lightning Lad. Read More
Wonder Woman watches her sister amazons get savagely raped by a large group of sinister smiling men...and can not stop enjoying it. Read More
After he arrives at the Titans Tower,Robin looks in his shower and finds Starfire and Batgirl in there. Read More
When she finds monitor duty boring,Light Lass turns on the camera in the bedroom of her brother Lightning Lad,only to discover why she really shouldn't do that. Read More
After she arrives in the 20th Century for a vacation in the insistance of her fellow LSH members,Shrinking Violet goes skinny-dipping,misplaces her clothes and hides in a picnic basket. Read More
As soon as she spots the Batman swinging away from the Catwoman's apartment,the Huntress enters the place and gives Selina Kyle something special for her birthday. Read More
After he had buried his wife and son,Tempest swims around the oceans of the world and finds himself at the California beach house of a Playboy Playmate named Cher Butler,who does resemble a striking resemblance to Dolphin. Read More
Since she is unable to sleep,Lois Lane starts having a sexual fantasy of what she believes Superman's perfect birthday gift would be. Read More
After Commissioner Gordon tells him that the Catwoman has gone back to her criminal ways,the Batman goes to comfront her,only to discover what her latest target is. Read More

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