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February 16, 2016

There are so many things that have happened to me in my 60 years of life, all I can do id tell it one chapter at at time. I know I was trying to find something to make me feel good, like a person should feel, I suppose. However, even… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Dawn has two meanings; the rising of the sun and the name of a beautiful woman. Combine the two and the result is an erotic merging of two of natures silent masterpieces. A return to my more romantic eroticism, rather than the more coarse style of some of my recent… Read More
Jasper, darker than most would think, has a thing for the mortal girl, Liha. So does the mortal boy, Nathan. With the Cullen’s, completely unaware of Jaspers moods, and Bella occupying all of Alice’s gift, what does Jasper have in store? Jasper x OC Read More
Thius is for my Sinister Sister, Dawn. All the best Hun. Got you that HoneyGloom to Hell, lol. Save me a seat there though. This may make no sense, but it was done in fun. Enjoy Sis. Read More
A digital book of nude paintings. This book is strictly not for Children and other legally under-aged persons. Download from https://archive.org/details/AStudyInArtsOPT . Parents are advised not to keep this book where children can access it. This digital book should not be used or opened in locations where viewing of nudity… Read More

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The Booksiesilk Classic Group House

Lea was lost, broken and alone. She was searching for her place in life with no idea how to get there. Out of the darkness comes a boy offering her friendship and with that friendship surprisingly brings her love. Her best friends brother is just as lost and broken as… Read More

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